Vitamins to increase the potency of men

In order to avoid the emergence of all sorts of problems associated with sexual activity, it becomes urgent to ask what vitamins can be useful for increasing the potency of men.

Vitamins for men after 50 years

Vitamins for men after 50 become relevant as with the approach to the age of aging, signs of aging of the body are progressing more and more.

Vitamin E for men

Did you know that vitamin E for men is an additional protection of the reproductive and muscular system?

Vitamins for men after 40 years

A full-fledged biological drug of the combined effect of the Japanese pharmaceutical company Fancl Katsu is a useful supplement to food "vitamins for men after 40 years."

Vitamins in the diet

Vitamins in the diet - this is one of the conditions not only of a beautiful figure, but also of a healthy organism. Let's consider what vitamins should be taken during a diet. And also, how to choose a vitamin complex for this or that type of diet and dietary restrictions in order to lose weight.

Vitamin D for men

Vitamin D for men - one of the main men's vitamins, which works in the production of testosterone, it makes a man a man.

Sports vitamins for men

Sports vitamins for men - is a great way to maintain the vitamin-mineral composition of the body of a man in the norm.

Hypervitaminosis D

The toxic effect of high doses of vitamin D has been known since 1929. Hypervitaminosis can occur with an unreasonable prescription of the drug without taking into account individual sensitivity to "shock" doses.

Vitamin deficiency

Vitamins are such substances by means of which the metabolism is carried out in the body and, as a result, energy is released. Vitamin deficiency, or hypovitaminosis - a condition in which the body does not have enough vitamins. And vice versa, if in the body the excess of vitamins is hypervitaminosis.


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