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Grapes for gastritis

The benefits of grapes are beyond doubt. The end of summer, the beginning of autumn, announces itself with mountains of watermelons, melons on the shelves of shops and markets, as well as numerous trays with green, blue, pink, appetizing bunches of grapes.

Watermelon with atrophic, erosive gastritis, acidity

Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach makes a lot of trouble for a person, forcing him to approach his food cautiously, and in case of allowing himself various harmful delicacies to suffer pain, a feeling of heaviness, nausea, eructations and other unpleasant symptoms.

Blueberries for improvement and restoration of vision

Blueberries are popularly known as a panacea for all diseases. In the season of her ripening, many berry-ducks flock to the forests in order to collect and saturate with vitamins, to stock up for the winter.

Berries with gastritis with high acidity

Fresh fruits and berries, as sources of natural vitamins, are always welcome on our table. It would seem, eat and enjoy. But is always juicy sour-sweet fruit beneficial? Whether it is possible to regale berries at a gastritis with the raised or increased acidity?

How to store cranberries?

Of course, the housewives will ask the question: "And how to store cranberries correctly?", So that it remains useful even with long storage.

Frozen cranberries

Frozen cranberries are fresh berries, which, after preparation in the form of washing and drying, were frozen in the freezer.

Cranberry for nursing mothers: is it possible or not?

Traditionally, lactating mothers are recommended to exclude from the diet allergens that can cause unwanted reactions in the child.

Recipes of drinks from cranberries

Cranberries prepare various cocktails (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), as well as liquors, liqueurs and tinctures (for alcohol, vodka and cognac). Lovers of home-made wines can please themselves with cranberry wine.

Properties of cranberries

The chemical composition of cranberries can be attributed to truly unique products. It combines the properties of a medicine, a valuable vitamin complex and an excellent food product.

Recipes of dishes from cranberries

This article lists a large number of dishes that can be prepared with the help of a northern berry. Recipes from cranberries are presented and baking, and meat dishes, and sauces, and desserts, and medicinal drinks, and winter preparations.