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Nutrition newborn

Прикорм по Комаровскому

Dr. Komarovsky got fame as one of the best and charismatic pediatricians of the post-Soviet period.

Прикорм по месяцам при грудном вскармливании

Today there is no consensus on which month and in what order to introduce the newborn to the feeding.

Схемы прикорма при грудном вскармливании

To date, there is no consensus on how and with which products to start feeding a newborn baby. The debate on this issue between specialists is ongoing.

Каши для детей до года

The first porridge for children under one year should be low-allergenic and dairy-free. It is recommended for the first complementary meal to cook rice, buckwheat, oatmeal cereals.

Клюква детям: можно или нет?

Cranberry for children is a colossal source of nutrients that strengthens children's immunity and improves metabolic processes in the body.

Противопоказания к грудному вскармливанию

Breastfeeding is contraindicated in cases of such diseases of the mother: oncological diseases; an open form of tuberculosis with bacilli; especially dangerous infections (smallpox, anthrax).

Грудное молоко - идеальная еда для новорожденного

The full cycle of lactation includes: mammogenesis (advanced glands), lactogenesis (the emergence of milk secretion after childbirth) and lactopoiesis (development and support of milk production and allocation).

Смешанное вскармливание ребенка

Artificial and mixed feeding can and should be implemented only according to vital indications, that is, with the conviction of health workers, preferably their consultation, in the mother's inability to adequately lactate and the high risk of chronic child starvation.

Прикорм детей с 4-х месяцев

Feeding children from 4 months - this is a burning issue, which is actively interested in the mothers of toddlers who have reached four months of age. It is during this period that the child requires additional substances, trace elements, which are not found in breast milk.

Прикорм ребенка

According to WHO recommendations, the child should only breast-feed with breastfeeding for about 6 months, followed by the introduction of lures. Other organizations advise to introduce lures between 4 and 6 months of life, continuing at this time breastfeeding or a mixture. Up to 4 months the child does not need a lure, and the reflex of pushing out, in which the tongue pushes everything that is put out of the mouth, makes it very difficult to feed the child.

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