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Newborn babies are babies of the first four weeks of age, and then, until one year old, they are called babies. And doctors call 28 days from the moment the baby's birth to the light neonatal period.

During these 28 days and nights, newborns must adapt and become accustomed to new conditions of existence outside the mother's womb. And it's good for them, especially if the baby spent there put the 38-41 week and did not "hurry" to appear not light ahead of time ...

For most of the day (more than 20 hours), newborns sleep. Do not be scared if during the first 6-7 days your baby began to weigh 300-400 grams less than the first weighing immediately after birth. This loss in weight is physiological and is associated with the adaptation of the child to independent breathing and an increase in the volume of blood. And this leads to activation of lipid metabolism in adipose tissue of newborns.

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