Nutrition during pregnancy

It is extremely important to take care of the well-thought-out diet of a pregnant woman.

Nutrition during pregnancy plays a crucial role and largely determines the characteristics of the course of the process of carrying the child, because for every mother it is very important that the baby is born healthy and strong.

Proper nutrition will ensure her good health, a burst of vitality, will give vigor and strength. In this critical period, the expectant mother should receive all the necessary vitamins, minerals, trace elements and nutrients, because her body undergoes major hormonal changes and stress.

In this case, the rational choice will be rational nutrition. It should be remembered that the amount of food consumed and the need for specific types of foods will change throughout the pregnancy in accordance with the increase in fetal needs.

Onions during pregnancy

Should I add onions during pregnancy? After all, during pregnancy, a woman has to adhere to certain principles of nutrition, because, simultaneously with the mother, the same child indirectly eats the same food.

Strawberry during pregnancy

If the pregnancy falls on the season of berries, then the woman sometimes finds it difficult to resist not to try this or that red and fragrant berry. However, often pregnant women are wary of the question: is strawberry allowed during pregnancy?

Lingonberry during pregnancy

Cowberry in pregnancy is a useful treat and a safe herbal remedy for the treatment and prevention of many diseases.

Doshirac during pregnancy

Someone does not see, for example, any harm in the famous "Doshiraka", and someone prefers to remain hungry, but, in any case, do not use "fast noodles."

Juices in Pregnancy

Juices during pregnancy are nourishing and tasty drinks, which every future mother should use. Consider the use of freshly squeezed juices and the most useful natural drinks.

Marshmallows during pregnancy

The most delicate sweetness, the airy and light marshmallow does not leave indifferent to itself, perhaps, not a single woman of the fair sex. However, some women are interested in: Is marshmallow allowed during pregnancy?

Apricots during pregnancy

Apricots during pregnancy are a useful and tasty fruit. Let's consider whether it is possible for pregnant apricots, useful properties of fruit and contraindications for their use. As well as recipes for delicious dishes for pregnant women from apricot.

Lime in Pregnancy

Lime in pregnancy is an effective and safe means in the treatment of sore throat, runny nose and even bronchitis. However, when taking any plant component, the expectant mother should be careful and consult for contraindications to the obstetrician-gynecologist.

Bananas in Pregnancy

Bananas in pregnancy - an excellent alternative to purchased desserts, is it? What is the use of a popular exotic fruit, and whether there are any contraindications in its use?

Watermelon in Pregnancy

Watermelon during pregnancy in addition to what will amuse the taste receptors velvet sweetness, will easily quench your thirst, giving the body a large amount of moisture since it consists mainly of water.


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