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Can I drink coffee to my nursing mother?

Most female coffee lovers had time to get out of their habit even during pregnancy - after all, doctors are not advised to drink this drink to future moms.

Is it possible to drink juice for a nursing mother?

Juices can be entered in the mother's menu just one month after the baby's birth. You can use juices, cooked alone, or special products labeled "for nursing mothers."

Can I give my mother a melon in the first month?

The diet of a nursing woman is a very important topic, since the newborn receives all the necessary nutrients from the mother's milk.

Raw vegetables and fruits with breastfeeding

In order for a newborn to develop normally, receive the necessary nutrients for this, it is important to breastfeed. Only the mother's milk will provide a balance of vitamins, minerals, fats, but for this, the mother herself needs to eat right and ensure their intake into the baby's body.

Can I give my mother a red beetroot?

Breastfeeding imposes certain restrictions on nutrition on the woman, because its ingredients along with milk get to the child and can cause problems with the digestive system: bloating, upset of the stool, colic, diathesis.

Breastfeeding for colds and other conditions

Can I feed my baby if my mother has a cold, hyperthermia or other conditions? This issue is very relevant, because the process of breastfeeding is the most important for the baby in the first half of his life, as well as for the mother.

Can a nursing mother drink green, herbal tea?

This question is very important, especially if you have an infant in the first three months of life. After all, it is at this age that babies are very sensitive to everything that mothers eat and drink when they are fed them with breast milk.

Cereals, cereals and flour during breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a very important period in the life of a woman and her baby. The health of the baby and the condition of the mother itself often depend on how much and what cereals, cereals and flour during breastfeeding are included in her diet.

Can you give salted foods to your mother?

It is impossible to unequivocally answer this question, it is necessary to speak differently about each product, its benefits and harm in a salty form.

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