Norm of milk during breastfeeding

Breast milk from a nursing woman is almost never the same: it can be both liquid and thick, both bluish and yellowish, with different percentages of fat and protein.

When can and when not to breastfeed a baby?

Breastfeeding is always welcomed by medicine, since mother's milk is the optimal biological and food product for a small person.

Constipation while breastfeeding

What mothers consider constipation, focusing on the physiology of adults, is not always such. The first breastfeedings lead to the cleansing of the body of the newborn from meconium - the original feces, and the stool is dark in color and odorless.

Expression of breast milk: why and how is it carried out?

In order not to disturb the natural process of lactation after the birth of a child, but, on the contrary, to promote normal breastfeeding and avoid problems with the mammary glands, you should know when it is necessary to express breast milk, as well as how to do it correctly.

Breastfeeding menstruation: is it normal?

It happens that in spite of feeding, menstruation began a month later, and then disappeared again. Irregular periods after childbirth are common.

Breastfeeding milk

Modern trends say that there is no effect of food on lactation, and milk is considered a strong allergen and is not advised to be included in the diet of a nursing mother. Is this so and can mom drink it while breastfeeding?

Water and breastfeeding: what can you drink?

Nutritionists, cosmetologists, doctors insist that a person should drink more water, and this is at least 2-2.5 liters per day, not including liquid dishes, coffee, tea, juices. With the help of it, metabolism, digestion, cardiac activity, and the condition of the skin are improved.

What can a nursing mother eat?

A nursing mother has to take a responsible attitude to her diet, because everything good and bad together with milk enters the baby's body. Caring mothers are interested in eating healthy, healthy, complete and varied.

Can a nursing mother eat fried?

The issue of eating fried foods during lactation is very relevant, especially in the first months of a baby's life. It is believed that fried foods are very harmful for adults, and even more so for children.

What if you have a lot of milk while breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding is a blessing and the best food for a baby, because with mother's milk he will receive everything he needs for his development and growth, it will fully satisfy the need for fluid.


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