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Problem facial skin

Проблемная кожа лица

Creams for oily, dry and combined problem skin: rating, reviews

There are many cosmetic products that help to hide or eliminate skin defects.

Как избавиться от вросших волос?

Although ingrown hair does not threaten human life, however, they are not as harmless as it might seem at first glance. After all, the tubercles on the skin can turn into cones, become inflamed and provoke complications.

Ointments for acne on the face

With acne on the face across each, so everyone is familiar with trying to find the most effective medication to correct the problem. There are many drugs that can get rid of the rash on the skin and improve its condition.

Vishnevsky ointment for acne

Vishnevsky ointment acne - it is a classic means to eliminate this problem. At this ointment with a wide operating range, high efficiency, and in addition, it is absolutely harmless to health.

Ointments from spots after acne

The appearance of age spots after acne - is, of course, not a disease. However, this phenomenon can be called extremely unpleasant cosmetic problem, which brings a lot of trouble to its owner.

Как быстро и эффективно решить проблему раздражения после бритья на лице

Shaving is a rather unpretentious process, with the bases of which every male teenager is familiar. Nevertheless, even experienced in this regard, mature men face such an unpleasant reaction of the skin as irritation after shaving on the face, which causes a lot of unpleasant sensations, and also looks quite unaesthetic.

Creams for acne

Acne or acne occur due to disease of skin sebaceous glands. This disease occurs as a result of clogging of the pores - there are beginning to breed bacteria.

Ointments from scars after acne

Worse acne scars can only be left by them. If acne is treated properly and promptly, the scars do not have time to form; for the prevention of these effects, there are many cosmetic and pharmaceutical agents.

Treatment of acne with zinc ointment

When inflammation promotes protein denaturation and the formation of molecules of albumin, reduces the formation of precipitates and absorb them.

Erythromycin ointment and its use as a remedy for pimples and acne

This ointment is not among the scarce or expensive pharmaceutical drugs. A low price makes it accessible even to teenagers.

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