Creams from scars and scars on the face after acne

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Scars and scars are formed due to the regeneration of cells on the skin damaged by various factors. Such defects can ruin the life of any person. To eliminate them, entire industries have been created, for example, aesthetic medicine. But radical surgical techniques are not always necessary and available. Advantages of creams from scars on the face is that they are always affordable, easy to use, sold without prescription, along with the rest of the makeup.

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Indications of the creams from scars on the face

Scars occur after injuries, surgeries, inflammatory skin diseases, common acne. This is a natural process, due to which skin healing takes place with the formation of connective fibrous tissue.

  • With shallow defects, absorbing and softening agents are used. Deep damage requires more effective methods, and facial scars serve as an auxiliary function.

Experts know that it is easier to treat scars at the level of the skin surface (the so-called normotrophic ones). At hyper- and atrophic scars cosmetic and surgical methods are shown. Practice shows that fresh defects are easier to treat than older ones.

Among the indications for the use of creams from the scars on the face should be noted preventive goals. In particular, they are effective for preventing the appearance of scars in cuts and wounds, as well as stretch marks - during pregnancy or abrupt weight changes.

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Release form

Creams from scars on the face are created on the basis of silicone or heparin sodium. Silicone moisturizes and protects the face, increases the elasticity of the skin. Heparin sodium is a natural anticoagulant that affects directly the coagulation factors.

Names of creams from scars on the face:

  • Zeraderm Ultra;
  • Scarguard;
  • Gel Kelo-cat;
  • Mederma;
  • Kelifraza;
  • Fermenkol;
  • Contrabubex;
  • Dermatrix;
  • Clear;
  • Cordran;
  • Medgel;
  • Diprospan;
  • Aldara.

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Cream for scars on face after acne

Scars occur as a result of cicatricial changes in the skin exposed to damaging factors. They give a lot of inconvenience, and the vast majority of people want to get rid of such defects. Scars after acne are formed when spreading rashes into deep layers.

Ointments, gels, creams from scars on the face are an affordable alternative to expensive plastic procedures. Efficiency depends on the ingredients. The formulation of quality creams takes into account the features of the facial skin structure, its fineness, softness, tenderness.

  • Cream from scars on the face after acne "Sledocyte" removes inflammation, stimulates regeneration, promotes cleansing and smoothing of the relief. Prevents the appearance of new scars. "Sledocyte" is effective on other parts of the body. Apply the drug no more than 2 times a thin layer.

The popular remedy "Dermatix" with silicone affects the old scars and scars. It is considered a harmless drug, does not contain components that affect internal organs.

Application differs features: first a problem place is washed with soap and wiped dry, then put "Dermatics" and stand for 5 minutes. During this time, the cream should completely absorb, before it can not be covered or lubricated by other drugs.

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Cream from scars on the face for children

Cream from scars on the face for children should be selected especially carefully. After all, children's skin is more tender and vulnerable than adults. Zeraderm ultra - the cream from the scars on the face for children, which doctors recommend more often than others.

  • Zeraderm Ultra forms a water-repellent film on the surface, which also protects against ultraviolet and temperature fluctuations. In addition, the membrane has a therapeutic effect at the molecular level. The agent is applied twice a day, the course of treatment is 2 months.

Creams from scars on the face are effective at superficial damages of a skin or with the preventive purpose. At deep scars cosmetic preparations can be used only as additional therapeutic agents.


The peculiarity of pharmacodynamics of creams from scars on the face is that they act locally and do not affect the entire body. Their task is to soften, reduce the size of the scar, eliminate the stiffness and pigmentation of the skin.

Under the influence of active ingredients, the spread of connective tissue is limited, the keloid tissue dissolves. Thanks to the restoration of the water balance in the upper layers of the skin, the surface becomes smooth and supple.

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The ingredients of the creams from facial scars act in such a way as to reduce the growth of the connective tissue and restore the normal structure. In this case, fibrinolytic, anti-inflammatory, antithrombotic, keratolytic action is manifested. Pharmacokinetics consists in inhibiting the multiplication of keloid fibroblasts and normalizing cellular regeneration.

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Dosing and administration

To achieve the effect, cosmetologists recommend to follow the methods of application of creams from facial scars specified in the annotations. In such cases, maximum effectiveness is achieved, and side effects are excluded.

  • Creams from scars on the face are for local topical use. Usually they are applied a thin layer and left to soak.

But there are also features. So, liquid cream Scarguard is applied with a special brush. The resulting film compresses and softens the tissues, protects against external factors. The duration of treatment depends on the depth of the lesion and can last for months.

Cream "Kelofibraza" is used 3 - 4 times a day, massaging the problem areas until completely absorbed.

Zeraderm Ultra is useful in the presence of scars, not only on the face, but also in the décolleté zone. Formed after application, an inconspicuous film is combined with everyday cosmetics and serves as a make-up base.

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Use of the creams from scars on the face during pregnancy

In many instructions, the use of various drugs during pregnancy is prohibited. Creams from scars on the face are different, some of them do not contain harmful components for children and expectant mothers. For example, Kontratubeks can be used from a 4-month gestation period.

But future mothers are better off guarding and consulting with their doctor for any reason, including, if there are scars or other defects on the face. Perhaps this problem should be delayed until the child sees the world, and the mother's health is fully restored.


Contraindications to the use of creams against scars on the face:

  • hypersensitivity to ingredients;
  • open wounds, purulent inflammation;
  • pathological processes and neoplasms in the scar area;
  • Do not apply creams near eyes and mucous membranes.

The skin on the face is more tender than on other parts of the body. Therefore, creams from scars on the face can not always be replaced by others designed for the rest of the skin. In general, any makeup is important to use for its intended purpose.

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Side effects of the creams from scars on the face

With hypersensitivity, non-compliance with the type of skin or non-compliance with recommendations, side effects of creams from the scars on the face are possible. They appear at the site of application, in the form of an allergic reaction: rash, burning, itching, irritation. In this case, the application of the drug is stopped until the disappearance of undesirable phenomena.

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Overdosage of creams from scars on the face was not observed.

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Interactions with other drugs

Negative interaction with other drugs is possible in the event that the cream from the scars on the face apply after any cosmetic or pharmaceutical product. Disparity of drugs can cause a side effect, which will have a bad effect on the healing processes of the skin. Therefore, such interactions should be avoided.

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Storage conditions

Room temperature, dry clean place, protected from access of children and animals - this is perhaps all the conditions for storing creams from scars on the face (unless otherwise indicated on the packages).

It is important to close tightly the tubes and jars after each use, and also observe the temperature conditions. It is not recommended to hit the sun's rays and, as a rule, no storage in the refrigerator is required.

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Shelf life

The shelf life of creams from scars on the face can vary within 3 - 5 years. It depends on the composition, quantity, storage conditions. After the expiry of the term, creams from the scars on the face lose effectiveness and can cause unwanted reactions.

The choice of cream for facial scars is a responsible business, and independence can play a cruel joke here: not only not to eliminate, but exacerbate the problem, for example, by an allergic reaction or dermatitis. Therefore, you can start fighting with scars and other defects only after consulting a beautician or dermatologist.


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