Problem skin of the face

Demodectic face

Mostly in most cases, experts diagnose demodicosis of the face. This disease is, in fact, both a medical and a cosmetic problem.

How to get rid of freckles?

How to get rid of freckles? This is a question that so often interests many women. The fact is that the predisposition to the appearance of freckles on the skin is transmitted by genes. Usually they are for girls with fair skin and hair.

How to remove freckles at home?

There are quite a few ways how to remove freckles at home and at the same time achieve a really good effect. Below, a few simple options will be presented, affecting the pigment spots.

Peeling with couperose

Peeling with couperose should be peculiar. Only sparing methods should be used. So, almond peeling is perfect. It has good anti-inflammatory properties.

Safety measures for working with lasers

The importance of safety measures when working with lasers can not be overemphasized. Security is determined by current standards, but is not limited to them.

Anesthesia during grinding

Facial grinding is performed under application, infiltration, regional, intravenous or general anesthesia. Sometimes an application anesthetic, such as EMLA cream, can be used for a single surface pass of an erbium laser. Each additional passage requires additional anesthesia.

Laser face resurfacing

Patients undergoing laser skin resurfacing require intensive preoperative preparation and postoperative care. On the need to prepare the skin, controversial opinions still remain...


Dermabrasion, or skin resurfacing, is a mechanical method of "cold steel", consisting in the removal of the epidermis to the papillary dermis. The subsequent development of new collagen and re-epithelialization due to ...

Biophysics of lasers for face polishing

The epidermis is 90% water. Therefore, water serves as the main chromophore for modern laser-grinding lasers.

Chemical peeling

Chemical peeling involves applying a chemical that eliminates surface damage and improves the texture of the skin by destroying the epidermis and dermis.


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