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Correction of age-related skin changes

Exercises for the facelift of the face

We often look with envy at the tightened figures of athletes, young people, swaying in the gyms - they do not hang their belly, and on the arms and legs the relief of muscles is clearly visible.

Threads Aptos for facelift

It's no secret that with age, the skin, including the face, loses its elasticity, elasticity. First, shallow mimic wrinkles appear, then they become more pronounced, the oval is blurred, the expression of the face is sad and dull.

Effective vitamins to prolong youth

The first signs of aging make themselves felt after 25 years. Scientists associate these irreversible changes with the action of free radicals. Deficiency of macro and microelements, this is another reason for deteriorating appearance.


Nature did not take care of the absolute perfection of people, most of them would like to improve something in themselves.

Facelift and facelift: types, results, rehabilitation, reviews

Facelifting is an operating or non-surgical correction of the face and neck by affecting soft tissues, the so-called facelift.

Thermolift Facial

Each self-respecting woman dreams and in 40, and in 50 years to look as attractive, as in a youth. It is clear that looking at 18 even in 30-35 years is almost impossible, it will be something from the field of fairy tales.

Face rejuvenation after 40 years

Tight and beautiful skin is the first sign of youth. Consider the methods of rejuvenation after 40 years or how to keep the skin healthy and supple at any age.

Hyaluronic biorevitalization

It's not a secret for anyone that with age our skin changes not for the better: wrinkles appear, elasticity decreases, color and relief worsen. At some point, any woman begins to understand that it's time to act and seek help - and above all, a beautician.

Anti-aging face creams: review of popular brands, rating, reviews

The person is always open to both the views of others, and to external influences, which are far from always favorable. Skin on the face is more delicate and vulnerable structure, it quickly loses moisture and elasticity, losing the ability to recover.

Ointments for Wrinkles

Modern cosmetic salons and shops offer buyers a huge selection of drugs that fight wrinkles on the face, but most of them are not very effective. At the same time, there is another way that helps to rejuvenate the skin - these are the medicinal ointments for wrinkles.

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