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Last reviewed: 10.08.2022

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In the fifth dozen years, the face changes even in women with wilt-resistant genetics. Time is relentless, and care for youth should be yesterday. But today it is not too late if you use cosmetics correctly. First of all - special facial creams after 40 years.

How to choose a face cream after 40 years?

In order not to get lost among the abundance of face creams after 40 years, you should know what functions they perform and which of them is able to satisfy your needs. To fold the folds, and elasticity, on the contrary, become palpable, and the color certainly improved. How to choose a face cream after 40 years, acting in all directions?

A good cream that solves such problems:

  • maximum nourishes and moisturizes;
  • reduces creases and levels the surface;
  • protects against ultraviolet radiation and the formation of new wrinkles;
  • improves shade;
  • whitens stains;
  • eliminates double chin;
  • aligns the oval.

These qualities provide nourishing, bleaching, regenerating, antioxidant, lifting, anti-aging ingredients: vitamins, ANA-acids, collagen, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, coenzyme, lanolin and so on. Information on the composition is placed on the packaging.

The difficulty is that the quality is optimally combined with the price and individual properties of the skin. It is good to use the probe for checking, and also to determine the priorities in order to select the desired line.

Ideally, it is necessary to use tools of different orientations from the same manufacturer. Repeat the recommendations of the specialist, and let the ratings and reviews serve as a hint when choosing.

Indications Face cream after 40 years

When to apply face creams after 40 years, can be seen from the phrase itself. Indications for use by this time will be really "obvious", namely.

Anti-aging drugs are indicated if there are such changes:

  • wrinkles and irregularities;
  • age spots;
  • dryness and redness;
  • contour fuzziness;
  • double chin;
  • dullness and uneven tone;
  • reduced elasticity;
  • circles under the eyes.

The ideal cream should deal with all types of wrinkles, dryness and other problems. Modern cosmetologists have filled the market with a sufficient number of drugs - with a predominance of certain useful properties. Products for mature skin should contain hyaluronic acid, vitamins, elastin, collagen, protective filters and other highly effective ingredients.


Release form

Form release face creams after 40 years - a means for external use. Packed in tubes, jars, bottles with dispenser.

The dispenser helps to save the cream mass. In a tube, thanks to the minimal access of air, cosmetics are better preserved. Jars have an aesthetic look.


Face creams after 40 years produce world and most lesser-known companies. The names sometimes indicate the active ingredients and their purpose. Choosing a tool, you should be guided by this information, as well as the recommendations of specialists; considering the fact that commercial advertising may somewhat exaggerate the merits of the product. We offer some names:

  • Phytomer rejuvenating;
  • Higher LiftActiv;
  • DermaGenesis LOreal;
  • Neutrogena;
  • MultiRegenerante;
  • ResolutionDContraxol;
  • Olay night recovery;
  • Anti-Aging Clean Line;
  • Anti-aging Planeta Organica;
  • To correct the contour of the bark;
  • Pharmacy from two lines;
  • Carrot from Kalina;
  • Ginseng;
  • Hyaluronic from Librederm;
  • Lifting;
  • Perfect skin;
  • Ussuri hops from Green Mama;
  • Formula of rejuvenation from Vitex;
  • Protective and wrinkle corrector from Belkosmex;
  • Bioderm 40+ and Belita for the eyelids;
  • Anti-wrinkle by Exclusive Cosmetics;
  • Regenerating from Green Style;
  • For smoothing wrinkles from BK Mirielle;
  • "The birth of a star" Plazan.



Vichy is a recognized champion among manufacturers of luxury pharmacy cosmetics. Advantages - the inclusion of therapeutic water of thermal origin, hypoallergenic, large selection, affordable price.

  • The composition of face creams after 40 years is much more complicated than for young. They are enriched with oils, vitamin complexes, proteins, acids, collagen, and so on. Active ingredients.

For skin 40+, a series of Liftaktiv with retinol is offered: day, night and eye cream. Contains hyaluronic acid, which is a mandatory element of effective anti-aging creams. As a result, the application of the drug disappears mimic folds and prevents the emergence of new ones.

Liftaktiv Dermoresurs - night remedy for skin 40+ with lifting effect. It is able to minimize even noticeable folds, and then for a long time, which gives the face youth and freshness.

The beneficial effect is provided by beneficial components: rhamnose and shea butter, which nourishes and enriches the skin cells. Gentle mass is easily applied and absorbed, affecting all layers and smoothing the skin from the inside. Face regains elasticity and radiance.


Face cream after 40 years of the Loreal brand is Derma Genesis. Designed to prevent dehydration, replenishment and retention of moisture reserves. Thus effectively solves one of the main problems that arise in women of this age. Moisturizing ingredients provide the desired effect, thanks to which the skin acquires a healthy and youthful appearance.

The formula was created taking into account the age-related changes of the skin and patented; recommended for daily care and hydration. After a three-week course, fine wrinkles hide, pores narrow, and after a week the skin becomes supple and velvety. The cream also accelerates cell regeneration, gives natural radiance and shine.

  • Derma Genesis has a delicate texture, it is easily absorbed, does not leave fat and stickiness. Day cream is applied under the makeup before leaving the house.

But do not think that this is the only drug created by LOreal Paris to combat skin aging. Many creams of this brand help to maintain the attractiveness and youthfulness of the face. The formulas are designed for different skin types, age, and there are universal. Due to this, as well as the optimal combination of price and quality, the brand is so popular in Ukraine.


Librederm hyaluronic cream is created for mature skin of the face, neck, and neckline. The formulation includes powerful moisturizers: hyaluronic acid, camelina oil, highly concentrated extract of pomegranate.

  • Acid activates the production of elastin and collagen, strengthens the base of the dermis.
  • Oil - an analogue of vitamin F: enriches with healthy fats, prevents aging, refreshes the face.
  • Grenade hood smoothes folds, evens out shade.

Face cream after 40 years of the same brand with grape stem cells is an expert. Attracts attention by including an innovative active ingredient. These are maternal cells that regulate plant growth. They miraculously affect the skin: it is saturated with energy to stimulate the regenerative processes. Cranberry extract is rich in antioxidants, and pomegranate extract stimulates the formation of collagen.

Anti-aging effect and cream AEVIT. In the composition - vitamins A and E, a blend of concentrates of edelweiss, rosemary, raspberry. Components have antioxidant, regenerating, toning, protective properties, prevent aging, restore elasticity, refresh the skin.


Anti-aging face cream after 40 years of Tiande brand contains marine collagen. This is an interesting component in the cosmetology, which provides the skin with long-lasting hydration and adequate nutrition. It smoothes small ones and retains large wrinkles, levels the micro-relief, protects against the negative effects of free radicals.

  • Cream made in China suitable for any skin type. It is applied in small portions, spread with neat movements over a clean surface, preventing them from falling into the eye-eye zone.

Tiande Company uses the so-called. Cosmeceutical approach, including plant extracts, essential oils and other natural ingredients in the formulas of its products - taking into account age, environmental and climatic factors, stress, occupational stress.

The brand works closely with Oriental cosmetologists, pharmacists and herbalists. In such a community drugs and complex programs for the care of the face, hair, eyes, lips, as well as tonal tools and peels, lifts and balms are created.

Anti-aging face creams after 40 years

At the age of forty wilting occurs in women very actively. Wrinkles from those areas where the facial muscles are very mobile (corners of the eyes and eyelids, nose bridge), spread over the entire surface. This is due to the loss of elasticity provoked by a collagen protein deficiency.

Anti-aging face creams after 40 years are designed to fill this deficiency, so the line of many brands that produce anti-aging cosmetics contain collagen and similar elements that support skin elasticity:

  • proteins;
  • peptides;
  • retinoids;
  • amino acids;
  • glycerol;
  • lanoline;
  • coenzyme Q10;
  • adenosine.

Professional face cream after 40 years. French-made Fitomer contains orchid extract and component HMF, created on the basis of sea sugars. HMF stimulates the production of its own collagen and hyaluronic acid, which increases its elasticity and eliminates minor surface irregularities. After the first procedures, the cell membrane is strengthened and the lipid mantle is restored, and a month later the manufacturer promises a noticeable rejuvenation.

Cheap creams have a rejuvenating effect, for example, “5 herbs” produced by “Clean Line”. Its formula includes skin-friendly components of medicinal plants - ginseng and chamomile, as well as phyto-vitamins, shea butter, oat milk, clover nectar, allantoin.

Night creams after 40 years

It is known that skin at night actively regenerates, absorbing all kinds of substances. Therefore, moisturizing, nourishing, rejuvenating ingredients prevail in night cosmetics.

The key ingredients of night face creams after 40 years All-night Ukrainian production are pumpkin seed oil and anti-oxidant microcrystallized water. The cream maintains an optimal level of moisture, tone, elasticity and youth. It has high anti-aging properties, does not contain harmful components. Prevents aging of all skin types, nourishes and brightens it.

Using a face cream after 40 years at night has some special features.

  • The face should be well prepared and gently cover it with mass.
  • Avoid obsessive odors that interfere with sleep.
  • Packaging with a dispenser or a tube is better than a jar, and a glass jar is better than a plastic one.
  • Before applying a new cream for the first time, use a probe and testing at the wrist area.
  • Before the procedure it is useful to take a relaxing bath with sea salt or herbal extracts. Water will help open the pores and quickly remove toxins.
  • Massage or exercises for the facial muscles promote rejuvenation.
  • If the product is not completely absorbed, the residue should be removed.

Nutritious night creams are better absorbed at temperatures above room temperature. Therefore, if it is stored in the cold, warm it with a warm hand before applying the required dose.

Day face creams after 40 years

In daytime face creams after 40 years, the focus is on enhancing the protective qualities and resistance of the skin against external irritants. In this regard, the composition include protective, moisturizing, soothing, tonic components.

  • Bulgarian face cream after 40 years Rose of Bulgaria contains a unique phyto-nourishing compound: vegetable extracts of chamomile and rosemary, plus rose water. Vitamins and nourishes, moisturizes and tones, in particular, sensitive skin. Aromatherapy component relieves stress. Used in the morning, and if desired - in the afternoon. The line includes the night version of pink water creams.

Rose of Bulgaria also produces anti-wrinkle cream Q10 with a coenzyme and a bioactive complex, Royal Rose ultra-lifting, multi-active Regina, and a facelift. Daily cosmetics from Bulgaria helps to eliminate and hide flaws, maximally saturate the skin with natural ingredients. Due to the delicate effect of the Bulgarian preparations, the face refreshes and returns its former attractiveness.


Homemade face creams to anyone over 40 years

Mixing the necessary ingredients, each woman is able to prepare a homemade face cream for someone over 40 years. Their advantage in naturalness, freshness, availability, cooking speed, creativity.

In the formulation of face creams after 40 years, use wax, olive and cosmetic oils, rose water, lecithin, honey, lanolin, ethers, vegetable raw materials, vitamins. We offer several recipes.

  1. Anti wrinkle

On 100 g of granulated natural wax and coconut oil and melt a glass of olive oil in a water bath, cool and knock down with a mixer. Pour in ampoule tocopherol and some ether.

  1. For lifting

To 50 g of melted wax add 10 ml of cosmetic oils: grape seed, wheat germ, avocado, argan. Pour tocopherol crushed granules into this mixture, knock down and aromatize with ether.

  1. Moisturizing

Bee wax 20 g kept in the bath, add 30 ml of olive and 10 ml of shea butter. Cool down the mass with rose water 20 ml, aloe vera 10 ml, lecithin 5 g

  1. At home you can make a unique tool for the face and eye area. The basis is cocoa butter (2 spoons), it is enriched with a capsule of vitamin E, lavender and rosehip oils (5 drops each). Then pour a glass of broth St. John's wort and thyme. Stir until smooth. According to reviews, this mass eliminates even deep wrinkles.
  2. Super budget option - colorless henna with olive oil or kefir. According to unverified data, a very effective way of rejuvenation.

Pharmaceutical face creams after 40 years

Pharmaceutical face creams after 40 years have many advantages.

  • Affect the source of the problem, rather than mask it.
  • Innovations are used in formulas.
  • The release is preceded by research.
  • They are practically not faked.
  • The optimal combination of value and quality.

The therapeutic effect of face creams after 40 years depends on the brand, composition, cost. Among the budget products it is quite possible to find a suitable option for your skin.

  • Retinoic cream: rejuvenates and tones; it is used in the evening due to incompatibility with UV rays.
  • Sokoseril: eliminates free radicals, enriches with oxygen, tones, heals damage.
  • Carrot (Clean Line): repairs damage, eliminates wrinkles, saturates with vitamins.
  • Ginseng (Neva cosmetics): actively resists age-related changes, evens the skin surface, including under the eyes.
  • Perfect skin (clean line): well moisturizes and smoothes.

The international leaders of pharmaceutical cosmetics are Vichy, Avene, La Roche Posae, RoC, Evalar, Cora. Prices for their products are much higher, and the effectiveness is often the same.


Russian face creams after 40 years

On the market of anti-aging cosmetics, Russian face creams after 40 years attract relatively low prices. "Black Pearl", "Neva Cosmetics", "Natura Siberika", "Clean Line" have their own developments and achievements in this cosmetic segment. Their plus, besides cost, is the high content of unique ingredients derived from the rich flora and fauna of various regions.

  • The line Garberica from Faberlik is designed exclusively for the age of 40+ years. Face cream after 40 years contains stem cells of the flowers of gardenia, innovative and oxygen components. Restores the synthesis of collagen fibers, reduces the depth of wrinkles.

"Carrot" cream is saturated with substances that have a great effect on the skin: this is carrot extract, vitamin E, olive oil.

The Black Pearl Expert is an innovative product. Includes sirtuin protein that triggers cell self-regeneration. Ensures optimum quality at a low price.

Drug brand Cora produces “Lifting Oval” - for moisturizing, smoothing contour and relief, increasing the density of fading skin.

Caviar Platinum from Natura Siberian contains unique extracts of black caviar and a peptide complex. Provides antioxidant effect, reduces the network of irregularities in the skin.

Belarusian face creams after 40 years

Masks, tonics, face creams after 40 years of Belarusian production are widely demanded by women because of their good quality and low cost. A distinctive feature is the inclusion in the recipe of exclusively natural components, including such unique ones as rooibos extract, the effectiveness of which has been tested by time and practice.

On the market, Belarusian face creams after 40 years are represented by the brands Bielita, LUXVISAG, RELOUIS, V_TEX, Belor Design, Smart Girl. We characterize certain types of Belarusian products.

  • Mesocrem "Intensive rejuvenation" production Bielita is designed to restore the skin, which actively occurs during the night period of the day. Night mezokrem actively affects the cells to restore them, increases elasticity and density of the skin, deeply nourishes and moisturizes the epidermis, activates the production of hyaluronic acid.

ВіTack offers a unique line "Three-dimensional smoothing40 +". According to the manufacturer, the drugs act in three directions: deep into, along the length and width of wrinkles, and their effectiveness has been proven by research in the French center Vincience. Active ingredients - Ederline S, Linefactor C, hyaluron, squalin, oil sasankva. The cream pushes the texture of the skin from the inside, restores moisture deficiency, tightens the oval, slows aging. Evidence is given that in 42 days of using the skin, the skin "sheds" a dozen years.

In the arsenal of ВіTack - the line "Formula of rejuvenation 40+" with ultra-nutritional face cream, which intensively nourishes and softens, protects the structure and restores elasticity. As a result, the skin becomes radiant, velvety and fresh.

In Belarus, they also produce Peeling "Tea Rooibos" line Tea Line. Anti-aging remedy deeply cleanses and renews the skin, gently prepares it for intensive absorption of a mask or creams. It acts in a complex - moisturizes, levels, neutralizes toxins. The main ingredient is rooibos extract, enriched with a range of skin-friendly elements. The formula also includes carbamide, ANA-acids, minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, D-panthenol.


Face creams after 40 years reduce the number and depth of wrinkles, contribute to facial rejuvenation. The pharmacodynamics of the products are not described, information is available only about the most popular components used by the manufacturers of anti-aging cosmetics - hyaluronic acid, collagen, oils, vitamins.

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The pharmacokinetics of face creams after 40 years have not been studied deeply. It is known that the active components have a local effect, penetrate into different layers of the skin. As a rule, anti-aging drugs do not have a systemic effect on the body.

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Dosing and administration

Creams are applied to a clean surface, lightly rubbed or slapped with fingers along the massage lines. Dosage and administration are not limited, but for a single procedure a small amount of any cosmetic product is sufficient.

  • You can not use face creams after 40 years for younger or older skin. This can backfire.

It is recommended to use tools for different purposes of one brand; popular companies produce for this purpose special product series.

Funds for hyaluronic acid should be used exclusively at above zero temperature: cold adversely affects their properties.

The vacuum dispenser of the new package Liberiderm allows you to use the cream completely, without leaving a single drop at the bottom. In order for the device to work, you first need to pump it several times. The cover must be tightly twisted.

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Use Face cream after 40 years during pregnancy

Skin in pregnant women is subject to irritation and is susceptible to various substances. It is allowed to use only natural cosmetics during pregnancy, without sharp odors and harmful additives. It is better if a specialist will appoint a new tool. Sometimes instead of industrial means it is better to use folk.

The question is not very relevant due to the fact that few women decide to become pregnant in the fifth decade of life. They should take into account that face creams after 40 years should not contain alcohols, salicylic acid and other dangerous components for pregnant women, which are found in anti-aging cosmetics.


Contraindications to the use of face creams after 40 years:

  • allergy;
  • individual intolerance;
  • breastfeeding and pregnancy;
  • skin diseases and facial damage.

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Side effects Face cream after 40 years

Irritation, rashes can cause face creams after 40 years, containing, for example, retinol. In such cases, the application is discontinued. More complex side effects are unknown.


Cases of overdose of cosmetic creams for the face after 40 years are not fixed.


Interactions with other drugs

Undesirable interactions with other drugs are fixed when applying face creams after 40 years containing retinol.

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Storage conditions

Storage conditions: temperature from +5 to +25, dry clean cabinet or bedside table, without access to the sun. Face creams after 40 years are kept out of the reach of children and animals.


Shelf life

Manufacturers should indicate the expiration date on the package. Face creams after 40 years are stored no more than six months after opening the package. Closed creams remain valid for 30 months, organic - 1-2 years.



Reviews related to the same face cream after 40 years are contradictory. Some women are struck by high efficiency, others are completely disappointed by her absence. Some smell like and seems gentle, others do not perceive it and call it harsh.

Reviews are subjective due to the individual characteristics of the skin. The truth is in the middle, and also that the older a woman is, the more expensive and high-quality cosmetics her skin requires. And in order to look brilliant, other cosmetic procedures are necessary.

Rating of the best face creams after 40 years

The question of which face cream to choose after 40 years, excites every woman who has crossed this line. There can be no definite answer, since, apart from age, other factors play an important role: cost of the product, type, and also individual characteristics of the skin. Therefore, the same face cream after 40 years can be affected and perceived differently by different people.

The rating of the best face creams after 40 years is a reference point, which in this case can be a hint, but not a guide to action. We offer a version of the rating, compiled by the reviews of women

  • Vichy Dermoresours;
  • Neutrogena with Vitamin A and Retinol;
  • Olay microsculpture facial;
  • Intensive Rebuilding Moisturiser Prescriptives;
  • Square;
  • Black Pearl;
  • Claris Multi-Regenerante;
  • L'Oreal Revitalift Laser X3;
  • Nature Siberika Rejuvenating;
  • Shiseido The Skincare.

Care for the face should be carefully and in his youth, not postponing. To clean, moisturize, nourish, protect from ultraviolet radiation and other factors that adversely affect the skin. The main thing is to choose the right brand and series that is ideally suited for your skin.

Eternal youth does not happen, but you can extend it. Correctly selected and applied cosmetics can delay inevitable wilting. But one face cream after 40 years is not enough. Cosmetics should be combined with an active pastime, good sleep, a balanced diet, massage and other procedures. For greater efficiency, it is advisable to periodically visit the salon and consult a beautician.


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