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Each self-respecting woman dreams and in 40, and in 50 years to look as attractive, as in a youth. It is clear that looking at 18 even in 30-35 years is almost impossible, it will be something from the field of fairy tales. However, nothing prevents a woman from making her face more well-groomed and taut, and at the same time "throw off" a dozen godkov (if possible). Especially in modern cosmetology there are many ways to regain youth and beauty. And one of such safe enough and effective ways is thermo-lifting of the face. Skin tightening in this case is carried out due to stimulation of the internal forces of the body.

Indications for the procedure

When you hear the saying "Age does not paint" in youth, you hardly understand all its relevance and justice. Elastic shining skin with a healthy blush is perceived in youth as a reality, and the girls do not rush to think about the time that will come, and everything will change.

Many physiological processes in adulthood are not as active as in youth. And no matter how we do not resist, the skin begins to fade. The maintenance of the skin in the tone was entirely based on collagen and elastin, which were produced in the body in sufficient quantities.

All the unattractive age-related changes that we see on our face are due to the fact that the process of formation of new collagen fibers slows down, while the old ones lose their elasticity and, as it were, unwind. Externally, this manifests itself in the form of a change in the outline of the face, which slightly "swims" downward, overhanging eyes over the eyes, the formation of sacks and wrinkles (small around the eyes and larger - on the forehead and nasolabial triangle), the appearance of the so-called second chin.

Turning to these problems in the beauty salon, you can get an offer to undergo the procedure of thermolifting. This procedure is a kind of sauna for the face and body, and is based on the thermal effect. But only its effect does not adversely affect the upper layers of the skin (epidermis), warming the skin at a depth where collagen production takes place. Thus, the elasticity of old collagen fibers increases, which under the action of heat begin to twist and contract, tightening the sagging skin, the production of new collagen and fibroblasts (young skin cells) is activated.

Thermolifting can be carried out on different parts of the body, where correction is required. With it, you can tighten the skin, increase its elasticity, refresh your complexion, remove unwanted folds, make stretch marks and cellulite less visible, reduce the subcutaneous fat layer.

Indications for carrying out thermolifting of a person are such problems as:

  • overhanging eyelids over the eyes (ptosis),
  • the appearance of "crow's feet" around the outer corners of the eyes,
  • the lowering of the corners of the lips, the outer corners of the eyes, the overhanging of the eyebrows due to the decrease of the skin turgor,
  • marked heterogeneity of the skin,
  • mimic wrinkles,
  • large and small wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyebrows,
  • fuzzy contour of the face with a tendency to sagging skin on the cheekbones and chin,
  • Assymetry of a person due to age changes,
  • unhealthy, too pale or earthy complexion on the background of good health.

Sometimes thermolifting of the face is also used to correct its shape if it is too full.

In principle, thermolifting is nothing more than one of the rejuvenating procedures, which means that any woman (and sometimes men) may be interested in him after 35 years, when the first signs of skin aging appear, whether it is small wrinkles on the face or dryness and a decrease in turgor skin on hands.


Thermolifting facial is not only safe, but also a low-traumatic procedure. Its effect is non-invasive, as skin piercing is not required. In this case, the penetrating ability of sound and light rays is used.

Electromagnetic radiation in the range of 300-4000 kilohertz affects the skin at different depths, heating its internal layers to a temperature of 39-45 degrees. This temperature regime eliminates the possibility of skin burn, which means that additional protection is not required for it.

The procedure does not cause painful sensations, and hence the use of anesthesia is not required. In principle, at the request of local anesthesia can be carried out before the procedure of fractional thermolifting of the face.

It turns out that there is no special preparation for the procedure. Initially, the doctor-cosmetologist conducts a conversation with the patient to find out his wishes and the absence of contraindications to the conduct of the chosen procedure. At the same time, the condition of the skin is examined.

According to the information received, the doctor can offer this or that kind of thermolift of the face, and the patient's task is to choose the procedure that seems more acceptable to him. Force the procedure or insist on certain manipulations beautician will not, so it is important to assess in advance all the pros and cons before deciding to interfere with the work of the body, even if low-traumatic.

This concludes the preparation for the procedure. It remains only to assess the merits of the apparatus and materials used to conduct thermal lifting.

Materials for thermolifting

Thermolift facial refers to the procedures of hardware cosmetology, which are conducted with the use of specialized equipment. In cosmetic salons today you can find equipment for thermolifting both domestic and foreign manufacturers with different pricing policies. Depending on the cost of the equipment, the price for a rejuvenating procedure is also set.

Apparatuses of foreign production:

  • Of Japan - Anti Lax and IntraGen
  • Italy - Renew Evolution and Renew Face
  • Turkey - ReAction, Soprano XL ICE and SharpLight
  • USA - Palomar and Titan
  • South Korea - Atlas

Apparatus manufactured in Russia - AirLax, Cryo Shape Pro 008, IPL + RF, MagicPolar, Scarlet RF, Thermage, V-Shape Pro. The first and last apparatus in the list are universal devices, by means of which it is possible to carry out both thermolifting and vacuum facial massage. A bipolar version of thermolifting machines with the possibility of vacuum massage is also considered devices Aluma and Accent XL.

The second device on the list is multifunctional, since it can be used to carry out both cryolipolysis and thermolifting, the last procedure being carried out by the combined action of radiofrequency and infrared rays.

The Russian IPL + RF device can also perform several procedures. This photorejuvenation, photoepilation and thermolifting. In principle, this drug combines laser and radio frequency thermolift.

MagicPolar is rarely used for thermolifting of the face, since the apparatus is multipolar, which means it can cause burns. In addition to thermolifting, this apparatus is used for photochromotherapy.

The device of domestic production SkinTyte, as American Titan and SharpLight device manufactured in Israel, is intended for carrying out the procedure of laser thermolifting. Deep tissue warming is provided by infrared devices Sciton, Palomar and Max IR. But with the help of the Russian device Scarlet RF it is possible to carry out fractional thermolifting, which belongs to the category of minimally invasive procedures.

For carrying out monopolar deep thermolifting (thermal), the apparatus ThermaCool TC is mainly used.

Each device has its own peculiarities of use, which should be read before agreeing to conduct the procedure. Do not expect that the salon will offer a choice of several types of equipment, so to choose the right option, it is worth looking at the information about devices for thermolifting on the Internet and to choose your choice at the salon where the equipment that meets your requirements is used.

In addition to modern devices for thermolifting, a cosmetic salon will be offered a special cream or mask necessary for the procedure. Here, too, should pay attention to the manufacturer, to avoid problems with allergic reactions to components of cosmetics and ineffective cheap counterfeits. Still, the procedure is not cheap, who would want to pay for empty promises.

Technique of the thermolifting face

The very procedure of thermolifting the face is not difficult. By time it can take from 25 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the type of procedure and the amount of surface to be treated. It does not require special preparation, it is enough only to thoroughly clean the face of dust, grease and cosmetics with the help of sparing cosmetics.

After cleansing the skin of the face, a marking is applied on it so that the doctor can more easily orientate with regard to the foci of exposure. In the same way, the effect of symmetry is achieved, which is very important when it comes to the face.

After the final evaluation of the skin condition and features, the cosmetologist puts the necessary parameters on the thermolifting machine, which in his opinion will have the best effect in a particular situation.

Now it's time to apply special cosmetic products that will help to additionally protect the skin from burns and facilitate the penetration of waves into deep layers of the skin. It can be a cooling gel or a special cream for thermolifting. The application of these drugs is recommended not only on the foci of exposure, but also on the whole face. Moreover, the use of a thermocream is not necessary. Under the action of waves, the skin warms up without it.

After a brief preparation, you can proceed directly to the wave action. The procedure should be a professional cosmetologist with a medical education. Movement of the device for thermolifting along the skin should not be sharp. Do not apply pressure or rubbing on the facial skin.

At the end of the procedure on the skin you need to apply a soothing emulsion, which will help in a short time to get rid of redness and swelling due to thermal exposure.

Kinds of thermolifting

If you dig deeper, you can see that thermolifting is a generalized concept. Under this concept, cosmetologists have combined several types of procedures that have their differences and features. Therefore, before deciding on the procedure for thermal facelift, you need to carefully study information about its various types and techniques of carrying out, as well as the results that can be expected after a course of recovery of skin elasticity.

Any kind of thermolift is based on the positive effect of heat on the processes occurring in the deep layers of the skin. At a young age, even normal body temperature is enough to activate them, but with age, when the production of collagen responsible for the elasticity of the skin is markedly reduced, higher temperatures are required to stimulate the synthesis of this important substance. The thermolift rating of the face largely depends on the temperature index, but the use of temperatures above 45 degrees is fraught with the formation of burns, even though the surface layers are not exposed to thermal effects.

Consider the currently existing varieties of thermolifting of the face and body, their features and differences, as well as the positive and negative sides.

Radio wave, radio frequency or RF thermolifting

One of the most widespread procedures of thermolifting, based on the stimulating effect of radio frequency waves. This is a classical variant of the procedure, thanks to which the blood circulation in the affected area is improved, which means that the metabolism processes are improved and the complexion is improved. In addition, electromagnetic pulses filter the skin cells, destroying damaged elements and stimulating the synthesis and growth of new cellular structures. And most importantly, under their influence, the fading process of collagen fibers and elastin is activated.

The heating effect on collagen fibers is made at the level of the dermis and even slightly deeper. The epidermis does not warm up, which is facilitated by contact cooling. The depth of penetration into the dermal layers is regulated by the cosmetologist with the help of an appropriate frequency of radio waves.

This method of skin rejuvenation is considered the most sparing and least traumatic. Its action is based on stimulation of natural processes of skin regeneration.

The procedure can be performed by several types of devices for RF-thermolifting of the face and body, in connection with which they distinguish:

  • monopolar radiofrequency thermolifting, it is also a deep skin thermage. For its implementation, one-electrode apparatus is used, on which it is possible to expose a large range of temperatures (39-60 degrees) and penetrate to a depth of about 4 mm.

The thermal treatment is considered to be the most effective with obvious signs of skin aging, its result persists for 3 years. Treatment is limited to 1 procedure.

However, not everyone is going to take this procedure, because the very deep exposure to high temperatures can cause painful sensations, and subsequently there is a possibility of developing fibrosis of tissues. In addition, the temperature above 45 degrees can cause overheating of lower lying tissues and organs, which is generally unreasonable, and sometimes dangerous.

  • bipolar radio frequency thermolift using two-electrode apparatus and penetration depth of only 1 mm at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees. The effectiveness of this method is, of course, inferior to thermal, since it is not so much the stimulation of collagen fibers as the activation of fibroblast growth that is actual in the appearance of the first unexpressed signs of skin aging. But the side effects of the procedure is much less.

Carrying out the procedure does not require attaching the electrode to the body, which often frightens patients who risked going to thermal. In bipolar devices, the electrodes are fixed on the holder, and the action of the device is strictly limited by the zone between the electrodes. Such devices have the ability to program in accordance with the skin type, depth and temperature of exposure.

The number of procedures for bipolar thermolifting is established by a cosmetologist depending on the effectiveness. Someone has 3 procedures, and another has to spend on all 10-12.

  • Tripolar and multipolar radio wave thermal lift. The name itself indicates that there are 3 or more electrodes in the apparatus. This scheme allows to ensure a positive effect of radio waves at different depths of the dermal layer (from 0.5 to 3 mm). The temperature during the procedure is regulated within 39-45 degrees.

Laser thermolift of face and body

This procedure is often called infrared thermolifting, because in the apparatus for its use light rays of the infrared spectrum. Even the children know about the warming effect of infrared rays, but the ability to remove harmful toxins and toxins, while activating the metabolic processes, is not known to everyone. Among other things, the laser is used for medicinal purposes to rejuvenate and tighten the skin.

For the procedure, devices of different power are used, which allow to act both on the surface layers of the skin, located at a depth of no more than 0.2 mm, and penetrate deep into the distance up to 4 mm.

There are 2 options for IR and IRL procedures. In the second version of the apparatus, laser beams penetrate to a great depth, which is actual with obvious signs of aging of the skin and control of fatty deposits. To tighten the skin is usually enough IR-thermolifting.

The treatment with the rays of the infrared spectrum allows several procedures to be performed with an interval of 2 weeks. A positive aspect of this method is the possibility of obtaining a concentrated beam that can have a limited depth effect, which is difficult to achieve using monopolar devices for radio frequency thermal lifting. And thickening of tissues, as with thermal, is not observed, although the effect of braces is retained for 3 years, which is not always possible to achieve using bi-and multipolar devices for radio-wave thermal lift.

The disadvantage of the method of laser thermolifting of a person is considered the possibility of getting burns, although this is excluded, if the cosmetologist approaches the matter professionally. Noticeably, the high cost of the procedure is distressing.

Currently, in the market of products for cosmetology, you can find devices with which you can do 2 procedures: infrared and radio frequency thermolift. This makes it possible to choose within one salon.

Fractional thermolifting

Sometimes this procedure is also called thermolifting with needles, since it contains the effects of mesotherapy and radiofrequency thermolifting. The device for fractional radiotherapy is equipped with the thinnest needles, which are able to penetrate the skin without leaving a mark. This minimally invasive effect is effective both in relation to dry wrinkled skin and for correcting the problem skin, which is characterized by a flabby structure and wide pores.

By means of needles, radio waves penetrate directly into the dermal layers to a depth of about 0.3-3.5 mm. At the same time the epidermis remains unaffected, which means that the probability of burns is excluded. The power of devices for fractional thermolifting is regulated in accordance with the skin features in the area where the impact is being made.

This correction has a prolonged action. Restorative processes in the skin continue even after 3 months after the procedure.

Therapeutic course implies 2 or 3 procedures, the interval between which is 1 month.

The disadvantage of the procedure is some soreness when puncturing the skin. In addition, after her on the body you can see microscopic hemorrhages, the skin of the face can have a slight flushing and swelling. However, these symptoms are already within the first hour after the procedure.

As for the hygienic side, there is nothing to worry about either. The skin before the procedure is thoroughly cleaned, and the tips with microneedles are designed for one-time use, after which they are disposed of.

Thermolifting at home

Thermolifting of the face is a rather expensive procedure, which, among other things, requires some time to search for a salon with the appropriate technique and materials, as well as conducting the actual radio or infrared therapy session itself. And the number of sessions is not always limited to 1 or 2.

As an alternative to salon procedures, thermo-lifting of the face and body can be carried out at home. Perhaps the effect will be somewhat inferior to the professional impact, but this is a real saving of money and time.

The procedure at home can be carried out in different ways, and so you can choose the one that will be more affordable. Although no one forbids the combination of different methods of thermotherapy.

In order to achieve a fairly fast effect, the most approximate to the result of salon procedures, you can buy a portable device for thermal lifting, which is easy and safe to use at home. The power of such a device will undoubtedly be lower than that of a professional one, therefore, to solve serious problems in the form of overhanging eyelids and eyebrows, deep wrinkles, etc., it is not very suitable. However, with the first signs of aging, the portable device fights quite efficiently without the risk of getting burned.

The effect of thermolift is also possible without special equipment. The combination of light massage, tightening creams with hyaluronic acid and warm compresses can be safely called one of the methods of non-hazardous thermal lifting.

Applying this method, you need to remember that facial massage with flabby skin should be done very carefully, however, as well as applying cream. Strong pressure or friction only stretches the weakened collagen fibers, worsening the condition of the skin. It is better to give preference to actively driving the cream into the skin with the pads of the fingers, which has a good massage effect.

After a massage with cream on the problem areas, apply a compress, the temperature of which should be high enough, but not cause irritation or burn.

And, finally, you can buy a special cream for thermolifting like those used in beauty salons. A good cream will give a decent result even without the use of hardware technology. Cosmetics of such a plan are offered by many network companies "Avon", "Oriflame", "Mary Kay", etc. If there are doubts in this product, you can contact the same cosmetic salon or your cosmetician for advice on choosing a cream.

Contraindications to the procedure

But, let's return to the procedure of hardware thermolifting of the person, the effectiveness and safety of which are disputes on the Internet. Let's talk first about security, because this is the question that should primarily concern a woman who takes serious care of her beauty and health.

On the one hand, the procedure seems quite safe. The skin is not damaged (except for microcapsules with fractional lifting and a slight possibility of a burn with laser therapy or thermage), no foreign synthetic substances are introduced into it. The effect is based on stimulating the physiological processes of skin regeneration, which are natural for the body.

But what is harmless to the skin, in relation to other organs and systems may not be such. So before you start looking for a suitable method of rejuvenation and a better cosmetology salon for the procedure, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the contraindications to the procedure that interests you. This precaution will help save time and avoid major disappointments.

What are the prohibitions with respect to thermolifting of the face? They are not so much, nevertheless any of them can cause the refusal of the cosmetologist to conduct a thermolift session for you. A good visionary cosmetologist is unlikely to risk his reputation and the health of the client.

Infrared and radio waves can provoke an aggravation of such pathologies as:

  • cardiovascular diseases in the stage of decompensation,
  • malignant and benign tumor tumors,
  • skin dermatoses and such autoimmune lesions as lupus erythematosus and scleroderma on the face,
  • infectious pathologies,
  • epilepsy,
  • pathology of the endocrine system (diabetes mellitus, thyroid disease),
  • varicose veins and thrombophlebitis,
  • any chronic diseases (especially in the stage of exacerbation).

The procedure can not be carried out if there are injuries and inflammatory elements on the face skin, if the client has an unstable emotional state. Pregnant women and nursing mothers will also have to be patient, because in their situation, any irradiation is considered dangerous for the child.

The use of any metal implants is an absolute contraindication to the procedure, since electromagnetic radiation during the procedure will cause malfunctions in their operation.

It is not recommended to perform several procedures of rejuvenation at the same time (thermolifting and injections of botox, facial peeling, photorejuvenation, plastic surgery) as this will be a significant trauma to the delicate skin of the face. She needs time to recover.

With regard to age restrictions, a woman at any age is given the opportunity to feel young and attractive. You can apply to the salon about thermal lifting from the age of 18. Another question is how justified is such a serious step at such a young age.


Complications after the procedure

Thermolift facial is considered one of the safest procedures of hardware cosmetology. But even the most inoffensive manipulation in inept hands can become a time bomb. That is why it is worth several times to check the information on the chosen salon, the master who will conduct the sessions of thermolifting, the relevance and safety of the equipment and materials used before deciding to take a serious step.

Negative consequences after the procedure - this is more an exception than the norm. And yet it is better to be informed about them.

Complications after thermolifting of the face caused by thermal exposure to the skin:

  • hyperemia and slight swelling after RF and laser thermolift (pass for an hour, if the skin is not additionally affected by sunlight, heat and other irritants),
  • point hemorrhages and reddening of the skin after fractional thermolifting (during the day everything comes back to normal).

These are all short-term phenomena that do not affect the effect of the procedure. However, if after a session does not adhere to the recommendations of a beautician for facial care, do not take offense at prolonged flushing and irritation.

If the client does not feel the promised effect of rejuvenation after a course of several procedures, the reason may be in the non-professionalism of the cosmetologist, who could not correctly choose the parameters of the device's power and the depth of penetration depending on the features and condition of the skin. Although most often the problem lies in obsolete devices for thermolifting, which can not give out the necessary settings.

If after the procedure a burn is found or the skin condition worsens (atrophy), the fault will most likely be a lack of knowledge and experience or an irresponsible attitude to the work of the cosmetologist who performed the procedure.

Regarding the question of whether electromagnetic radiation can affect the work of other organs, cosmetologists say that one should not worry. The power of the apparatus is not so great as to cause harm to human health.

But on the other hand, the technique of skin thermal rejuvenation with the help of electromagnetic waves is still quite young. What consequences of the procedure may appear after a few years, it is impossible to predict.


Care after the procedure

When the procedure for a face lift with the help of the internal heating of the skin is over, redness and swelling have disappeared, and many people are stretching their hand to correct the first results with the help of caring and decorative cosmetics. But this should not be done.

And let's remember what the doctor-cosmetologist said at the end of the session, which gave advice on facial care after the procedure? That's right, no make-up, and especially scrubs. Despite the fact that irritation symptoms have already disappeared, the skin for a time remains very sensitive to external influences. So cosmetic means, which do not cause an allergic reaction earlier, may well provoke symptoms of skin irritation during this period.

For the same reason, it is worth protecting your face from direct sunlight. Later, when everything comes back to normal and becomes a matter of pride, there will be plenty of time for tanning. However, do not forget that excessive exposure to the sun itself leads to premature aging of the skin. There is a desire to prolong the effect of thermolifting of the face and body, you have to be more careful with sunburn, preferring rest in the shade.

Staying in the open sun, visiting a bath or a solarium will have to be postponed for at least 2 weeks. During this period, any procedure that can cause skin warming, including active physical activity, is contraindicated, after which you can observe a flushed, flushed face.

This difficult choice

When it comes to the safest and least traumatic methods of skin tightening, the choice is between thermo-lifting and ultrasonic face lifting. In both cases, it is not necessary to make punctures in the skin, since both methods are based on stimulating wave action. The difference is only in the frequency of the emitted signals.

So what is better: thermo-lifting facial or ultrasonic lifting?

When thermolifting, we feel the influence of electromagnetic waves of the radio and infrared frequency of the light spectrum. In the case of ultrasonic lifting, the effect is produced by sound waves, the oscillations of which also cause skin heating.

Skin reheating can be carried out at a depth of 4.5-5 mm, which gives a strong skin tightening effect, akin to plastic surgery, but the integrity of the skin is not disturbed.

Both electromagnetic and sound waves of a certain frequency are capable of restoring the elasticity of collagen fibers, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, removing harmful substances from the body, including toxins that negatively affect the appearance and condition of the skin.

Nevertheless, experienced beauticians recommend thermolift facial to women up to 35-40 years old, whose signs of aging are not so pronounced. But ultrasound, which can safely penetrate deeper layers of the skin without damaging them (it's not for nothing that ultrasound technique is used in medical research for the diagnosis of internal organs and the processes occurring in them), are advised to deal with deep wrinkles and other serious problems that arise mainly after 40-45 years old. In addition, ultrasound is recommended for tightening not only the face, but also the neck, whose appearance with age leaves much to be desired.

As for the safety of the techniques, any wave action is harmless to a certain extent. Strict control of the frequency of radiation, the depth of penetration into the layers of the skin, and the duration of the exposure are important. It's not for nothing that there are restrictions on the number of procedures and the length of time intervals between sessions. Although scientists argue that the radiation frequencies used in medicine and cosmetology do not harm health, the long-term impact of even safer sound waves (in comparison with infrared and radio emission) can have unpleasant consequences.

In principle, the result of ultrasonic lifting is identical to a deep thermal, although the probability of a burn of the underlying layers of the skin is much lower, because the temperature of heating the tissues does not exceed 45 degrees. As for the prospect and the long-term effect, the progress of thermolifts and ultrasonic effects is observed for another 3-4 months after the course of procedures, but the effect lasts almost twice as long (up to 5 years).

But on the other hand, the effectiveness and safety of the wave therapy of skin aging largely depends on the professionalism of the cosmetologist performing the procedure, the quality of the devices and cosmetics used, the preparation of the face for the procedure and the subsequent care of the skin after the cosmetology session.

Opinion of specialists

Reviews of cosmeticians about thermolifting facial are as diverse as the opinions of clients of beauty salons who have experienced the procedure on their own. Specialists shared in three camps. Some successfully apply thermo-lifting facial and are quite satisfied with the result. Others, relying on their own experience, doubt the effectiveness and safety of the procedure. Still others flatly refuse to apply thermolifting in their practice, based on the fact that the technique is still very young and it is difficult to foresee the consequences of its application in the long-term projection.

All experts agree on one thing: the best results from all types of thermolifting are provided by deep thermotherapy on unipolar devices, which makes it almost impossible to make even deep wrinkles and pathological pigmentation almost invisible. And the higher the temperature of heating the inner layers of the skin, the more pronounced will be the effect.

However, none of them can deny the fact that overheating of the skin can cause fibrotic changes in it, as a result of which the dermis becomes denser, which causes difficulties in the future, when after several months or years a repeated correction of the skin will be required. After all, even plastic surgeons are not always taken to work with the skin, hardened and lost its elasticity.

For this reason, many cosmeticians prefer a non-invasive facelift procedure with the help of sound waves (ultrasonic lifting), which, in their opinion, can not give such side effects as thermolifting of the face. As for the clients of cosmetology salons and clinics, he is already his own boss, and is free to make his choice based on the opinions of specialists and his own opinion.

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