Exercises for the facelift of the face

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Last reviewed: 20.10.2021

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We often look with envy at the tightened figures of athletes, young people, swaying in the gyms - they do not hang their belly, and on the arms and legs the relief of muscles is clearly visible. But this is not just given to them, there is hard work behind it. The human face also consists of muscles and, so that it is dyed and elastic only cosmetic means and procedures are not enough, the muscles need to be trained. And for this you need to know their anatomy and exercises for tightening the muscles of the face.

Gymnastics for a facelift

The facial skin relief is greatly influenced by the facial muscles. They, on the one hand, are attached to the bone, and on the other hand to the nearby muscles or skin. Reacting to various emotions: fun, laughter, anger, irritation, as well as temperature stimuli, smells, sounds, they contract, triggering the skin of the face. This leads to the formation of wrinkles, excessive stretching. Daily gymnastics for facelift for 5-10 minutes will not give a momentary effect, but will increase muscle tone, strengthen them, strengthen skin tension, give a clear line of the face oval, contribute to the accumulation of collagen and protein responsible for the elasticity of the skin.

It is desirable to start gymnastics with warming up of muscles, for this you need to pronounce the vowels "a", "e", "o", "and" until a wave of heat on the face goes. And the exercises themselves:

  • sit on a chair, tilt the head as much as possible, stick out your lip and stretch it upwards for 5-10 seconds, relax. Repeat 3 times;
  • clutching your arms, pulling your head up to the maximum, taking a deep breath, holding the air for 10-15 seconds, exhaling and returning to the starting position;
  • straining, lowering the corners of your lips until you feel tired;
  • squeeze the pencil with your lips and write out numbers and letters in the air, do 3 minutes, after rest, repeat;
  • To reach for the shoulder to the shoulder and at the same time resist the movement with the palm of your hand. In each side, hold the head for 10 seconds;
  • put the palms on the cheeks so that the ears were between the thumb and forefinger, inflate the cheeks, while resisting the palm. Exercise repeat 6 times;
  • open your mouth, pulling your lips in, chin forward and stretch muscles, with your forefinger to resist, then relax, and so 10 times;
  • to strengthen the sublingual and jaw muscles with the fists of his hands to rest under the resisting chin. The mouth is open at this time, the tongue rests against the bottom row of teeth and strains. The duration of the exercise is 10 seconds, repeating up to 10 times.

The most important thing is that charging for a face lift is carried out regularly, then in combination with proper care of it with the help of cosmetics, diligence will be rewarded, and signs of aging will be postponed to a later date.

Yoga for face lift

The concept of "yoga" includes not only physical exercises, but also the ability to dive into a special state of mind, which brings harmony to the human soul. Yoga for facelift is not equivalent to gymnastics, it involves relaxation, calmness, relaxation, peace of mind. The session of yoga includes meditation, massage, awareness of one's own self, relaxation. Classes stimulate the production of collagen, strengthen the muscles of the face, learn to control their emotions, which allows you to reduce mimic wrinkles, relieve muscle tension. A quarter of an hour each day will give a tangible result in 2-3 weeks. To improve the oval line of the face, there are such exercises:

  • fold his lips, like for a kiss, pull them forward and stay in that position for a few seconds;
  • take in the mouth more air and roll it in your mouth.

Facial muscles will be strengthened:

  • The thumb rests on the brow, the index finger above the eyebrow. Press them and try to open your eyes wider;
  • support your chin with your hands, press, at this time try to turn your head to the sides, forward;
  • pat your cheeks and chin with your hands until redness.

It is best to get involved in yoga for face lifting by joining groups that are under the guidance of a guru, or by using video lessons on the Internet.

To wiggle the ears for a facelift

Experts argue that an effective exercise for facelift is a stirring of the ears. Thus, the tendon helmet is tightened, and with it the skin of the face. For the sake of beauty will have to learn to do it. The first way: dress up glasses that slide off the bridge of your nose, and your ears should try to lift their arms into place. If you still can not do this, you should press your ears with your fingers to the head and jerk them to the muscles, and there are three of them: located from the front of the ear to the eye, from its top up, behind the ear to the side.

Facelift "revitonika"

The method of correction of the face of the "revitonics" is considered an equivalent replacement for plastic interventions. It is based on the correction of the muscles of the face and body with the help of special manipulations and regular exercises. It starts the mechanism of organism rejuvenation, restores its disturbed functions by removing muscle clamps from masticatory and facial muscles, activating blood circulation, removing excess fluid from the intercellular space from the face and neck tissues. Exercises and knowledge are directed to the elimination of small wrinkles on the young face and its recovery in old age. The "revitonics" technique uses osteopathic principles based on palpation of the cervical region, the face. Improving its contours, the "revitonics" have a beneficial effect on the general well-being of a person: blood pressure decreases, headaches go away, vision becomes sharper. In fact, it starts the processes of self-regeneration and self-healing. The osteopathic facelift of the "revitonik" is only handled by a professional and this cost is not cheap, but the result will be a clear line of the jaw, swelling will disappear, the double chin will decrease, a real rejuvenation effect will appear.

Facelift with energy exercises

Energy exercises for facelift are done every morning in bed after awakening. They must be started lying on their backs with their eyes closed, rubbing their palms against each other, because in them there are powerful energy centers. After they felt warm and tingling in their hands, they bring their hands closer to their faces and do not touch the lines of the massage lines: from the chin to the temples, behind the ears, neck from the base to the chin, while simultaneously meditating, imagining that the skin is tightening. Repeat the movement for at least 2 minutes. Then put your hands on your hair and pressed to your head to let them converge on the back of the head, as if they had tightened the knot. Just a few minutes of time will be an invaluable service for the condition of the skin of the face.

Another set of energy exercises, called "ancient Slavic massage", consists of such actions:

  • on the cleared face, at the point above the bridge of the nose, attach the middle finger, tap lightly and conduct movements in the form of concentrated circles, expanding the amplitude to the roots of the hair. And so 7 times and more;
  • from the same point, using both middle fingers to draw the rays in different directions: horizontally, vertically and diagonally;
  • With four fingers of both hands, slide on the forehead in different directions to the roots of the hair, at the end slightly pressing on the head;
  • from the tip of the nose middle fingers hold along it, the eyebrows, at the temples slightly pressing;
  • Draw a diamond around the eyes: from the inner corner of the eyes to the middle of the eyebrows, then down to the outer corner, down under the middle of the eye and to the starting position;
  • on the perimeter of the eyebrow bone to carry out circular motions;
  • press his hands against his cheekbones;
  • take the lips between the thumb and forefinger of both hands and draw from the center to the sides;
  • Similarly, to cover the chin, the movements are directed along the face oval.

Osteopathic facelift

About the osteopathic facelift was mentioned above, but that it was more understandable to dwell in more detail. This technique is not only in the face, but in harmonization, alignment of the whole body, because the face is a mirror of its condition: dry skin requires restoration of normal blood circulation, acne and rash - improve digestion, eliminate intoxication, dull complexion - remove stiffness in area of cervical vertebrae. Actions osteopath - manipulation with the spine, skull, pelvis, face for 30-40 minutes. After the first session, the facial wrinkles are smoothed out, the skin is filled with light, the eyes are shining. To obtain a sustainable result, 10-12 sessions are required every 3-4 days, then a correction every two weeks.

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