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Sweating of the head in women, men and children: the reasons for what to do?

Sweating is a natural function of the human body. Especially often a person sweats, being in a hot or stuffy space, or actively engaging in sports. In such situations, sweat plays the role of a thermostat and a detoxicator.

How to get rid and what to do with itchy head: alternative means, masks, shampoos

Since the itching of the head is only a sign of any pathology or condition, it is necessary to determine and get rid of the underlying cause to eliminate it.

Causes of itching of the head

You can not ignore any uncomfortable sensations from the skin, and including - itching of the head. In some cases, discomfort can indicate only poor quality of personal hygiene.

Itching of the head and other symptoms: dandruff, hair loss, peeling

Many know the obsessive sensation of itching - when you scratch any part of the body, there is a persistent feeling of discomfort, irritability appears, mood and sleep worsen.

Numbness of the face

Loss of sensitivity, a feeling of tingling, burning, sometimes drawing unpleasant pain, these unpleasant sensations can arise in any part of the body and are called numbness.

Why is the lower lip swollen and what should I do?

To determine the reason why the lower lip is swollen, it is important to remember when and under what circumstances you noticed it: after you ate something, or you could be bitten by insects, etc.,

Dark circles under the eyes of a child

Quite often, parents can alert the dark circles under the eyes of the child and this is correct. After all, if the cause of blue is not a hereditary predisposition, then such a symptom can talk about a certain pathology.

Why is the head and hands shaking?

Sometimes people can observe sharp rhythmic unconscious contractions of muscles - the head and hands are shaking, which in most cases is considered a sign of a serious neurological disease.

Hearing loss

A decrease in hearing indicates that the perception of the frequency of sound is weakening.

Hyperemia of the face

Hyperemia of the face is a reddening of the skin on the face, which manifests itself on the cheeks in frosty weather, in the heat or in a stuffy room.