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Pain in acute and chronic bronchitis: the reasons for what to do?

The pain accompanies many diseases: in some cases it is one of the signs of inflammation, and in others - the result of any accompanying disorders in the body.

Soreness of nipples

Many women experience painful nipples at certain times. It can cause different reasons, because the nipples are one of the most sensitive areas of the body.

Chest pain on the right

Let's see on what pain receptors indicate, when you feel chest pain on the right.

Pain in the left part of a chest

Only in few cases pain in the left part of the chest is associated with heart diseases.

Chest pain right

The pain in the chest on the right is a fairly common symptom of many diseases. It is very important to determine the nature of pain and the duration of spasmodic reactions in order to correctly diagnose the disease.

Pain in the muscles of the chest

In order to classify the pain in the muscles of the chest requires a complex, comprehensive diagnosis, including specific anatomical, topographic designations of the localization of pain.

Pain in the area of scapula

The pain in the back, and especially in the field of scapula, is today a fairly common phenomenon. The truth can not be described as the group of people most often prone to pain in the back - pain in the area of the shoulder blades can be observed both in old people and in young people.

Pain in the diaphragm

Pain in the diaphragm can be caused by several factors, among which the following: Injuries (open or closed); liaphragmal hernia (associated with trauma or non-traumatic, which in turn can be congenital or acquired).

Pain in the region of the heart

According to statistics, pain in the heart is the most common reason for people to go to the ambulance service. However, often this symptom is not at all a sign of a violation in the work of the main muscle of the human body.

Pain under the left breast

The pain under the left breast is not a specific symptom that indicates a particular disease, although it worries first of all about possible cardiological problems.