Cutting abdominal pain in women, men and children

In the category of symptoms that manifest diseases of the digestive system and other organs of the abdominal cavity, cutting abdominal pain, covering almost the entire retroperitoneal space, occur in acute abdomen.

Cramping pains in the abdomen: below, near the navel, left and right

In ICD-10, the pain that occurs in the abdominal area is attributed to the XVIII class - symptoms, signs and abnormalities, and the pain associated with the digestive system and abdominal cavity is coded R10-R19.

Sharp pains in the abdomen: below, in the sides to the right and left, with bouts

Soreness in the abdomen: this symptom is familiar to every person - both an adult and an infant. These can be traumas, inflammatory processes, spasms, digestive disorders, poisoning, etc.

Abdominal pain with diarrhea in a child

When there are painful sensations and discomfort in the abdomen, forcing often to visit the toilet, even an adult will be alarmed.

Abdominal pain and diarrhea as a symptom of the disease

The appearance of abdominal pain and diarrhea is a very unpleasant situation. Especially when you consider that this combination of symptoms can be observed not only with stomach disorders and poisoning, but also with many other pathologies.

Abdominal pain with fever

Even if these are the only complaints of the patient, they can be symptoms of very dangerous conditions requiring urgent medical intervention, often prompt.

What are the pains for cystitis?

It does not lose its relevance due to the fact that it becomes the cause of hospitalization, loss of efficiency, disability. And just causes discomfort to patients, causing severe attacks.

Aching, pulling, dull pain in the lower abdomen, in the right and left sides

Aching in the abdomen is a common symptom. She can warn about minor violations or the development of serious diseases.

Drawing pains in the lower abdomen: causes, signs

Drawing pains in the lower abdomen - today a fairly common phenomenon, which worries mostly women. Also, there are special conditions when pain can make itself felt, and this is the norm.


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