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Infectious and parasitic diseases

What can you get from birds?

Today, agriculture, food industry, entertainment and services are quite widely developed. We have the opportunity to contact various animals and food.

How can you get chickenpox?

This infection is considered by many to be a purely childish disease, but is it possible to catch chicken pox with an adult? Everyone has a risk of contracting chickenpox, both as a child and as an adult, who has not suffered from it yet.

What can you get from a dog?

Man, as a particle of nature, always strives to be closer to her. Maybe that's why in every second dwelling you can find a kitty or dog, a hamster or a rabbit.

How is HIV transmitted from a man, a woman at home, sexually, through a kiss, through blood

The human immunodeficiency virus has a name for this, it's a purely human pathology, not dangerous for other mammals.

Pain in tuberculosis

When infection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis develops primary tuberculosis - the initial, usually asymptomatic stage of the disease. With a weak immune system, the disease can become active, and then with time, there are pains with tuberculosis of various locations.

Antibiotic resistance of microorganisms: methods for determining

Antibiotics - one of the greatest achievements of medical science, which annually saves lives of tens and hundreds of thousands of people. However, as wisdom says, an old woman also has an erudition. 

Bug bites: symptoms and how to get rid

Since bites bites bother people in the 21st century, and what to do with bug bites, few are known, we tried to collect in this article a maximum of useful information.

Tuberculosis of lymph nodes: diagnosis, treatment

To date, tuberculosis of the lymph nodes is considered one of the most common forms of extrapulmonary tuberculosis (extrapulmonary tuberculosis), which can develop as a result of primary tuberculosis infection.

Increased occipital lymph nodes in adults and children

The occipital lymph nodes are in the back of the neck. In a healthy state, they are not noticeable at all and can not be probed. But as a result of the inflammatory process, there is an increase in the occipital lymph nodes, as a result of which small rounded tubercles appear on the neck, which, when palpated, can become very painful. 

Bites of bed bugs on a person: the reasons for what they look like and what to treat

The bites of bed bugs are different in that they are often confused with the bites of other insects, an allergic rash on the body or even damage, but the real cause is beginning to suspect not at once.

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