Diseases of the eyes (ophthalmology)


Subconjunctival, or intraocular hemorrhage, otherwise called hyposhagmus, occurs when a small blood vessel is damaged, as a result of which a small amount of blood is poured under the conjunctiva.

A set of exercises to strengthen the muscles of the eyes

Vision plays an important role in the perception of the surrounding world. Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the eyes keep it in good shape, preventing various pathologies.

A vessel burst in the eye: what to do, what drops to drip?

What to do when a vessel in the eye bursts? Our actions directly depend on the cause of the event. If the occurrence of hemorrhage does not cause other symptoms, except for a visual defect, and its connection with any event provoking a rupture is traced the day before, you do not need to panic.

A vessel burst in the eye of an adult and a child: reasons

It makes no sense to be lost in conjecture about what a bursting vessel in the eye means, and, even more so, to engage in self-diagnosis. It is recommended to seek professional help. You may need advice from medical specialists of various profiles.

Discharge from the eyes of a child: purulent, yellow, green

A yellow discharge from the eyes of a child is often found with contact lenses. If children use lenses, then, as a rule, they often touch their eyes with their hands, do not always adhere to the recommendations for handling and storing lenses.

Acantamebic keratitis

Among many eye diseases, acanthamoebic keratitis is not particularly prevalent, although it does not have a particular sexual or age selectivity. This serious disease affecting the functionality of the cornea is primarily experienced by people with visual impairment using contact lenses. 

Anisometropia in children and adults

Among the existing pathologies of vision, ophthalmologists noted anisometropia. What it is? This is a refractive imbalance - when a person's right and left eyes have unequal refractive power, and this difference can be several diopters. 

An eyesore for a man

The medical definition of a dense white spot on the anterior transparent part of the eye is corneal leucoma. What does leikoma mean? In Greek, leukos is “white,” and cornea is the Latin name for the cornea.

Different eye colors in humans: as they say, causes

In most cases, different pigmentation of the iris is a genetic disorder that passes from generation to generation. According to medical statistics, it occurs in 10 out of 1000 people.

Tritanopia: the world in a changed color

With this anomaly, either the absence of the OPN1SW type S-flasks in the retina, or their genetically determined dystrophy, or a pathological change in the structure of the photopigment of iodopsin sensitive to the blue light spectrum is noted.


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