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Diseases of the joints, muscles & connective tissue

Энтезопатия суставов, сухожилий, связок, мышц и костей

Spondyloarthropathy, or enthesopathy, is a series of inflammatory pathologies of the musculoskeletal system, which have common clinical and radiological characteristics, along with the absence of rheumatoid factor in patients with plasma.


When talking about sarcopenia, usually refer to the degenerative processes in the muscles, when a person gradually loses muscle mass. Sarcopenia is not a disease. It is rather a peculiar condition characterized by other pathologies or age-related changes in the body.

Миогелоз шейного отдела позвоночника и спины

Pain is one of the symptoms of various diseases. It can be acute and dull, strong and minor, pressing or piercing (cutting), having a clear localization and reflected when the patient can not determine specifically the source of pain. 

Синдром кубитального канала

Squeezing of the ulnar nerve in the elbow region for various reasons can occur in several places. The physical sensations and consequences of such compression will depend on the strength and duration of the effect.

Нервно-артритический диатез

The appearance of the disease is usually associated with adverse heredity and with a number of external factors, for example, with malnutrition, both the baby itself and the mother during pregnancy.

Дистрофия Беккера

This type of dystrophy is a purely male disease, leading to disability at a young age. Due to its genetic nature, the disease is incurable and in some cases ends in a lethal outcome for a man.

Артрит и артроз: основные различия

Diseases of the joints are quite common among all segments of the population. This state is preceded by many reasons.

Синовит голеностопного сустава

The causes of synovitis of the ankle joint are accompanied by serious diseases and injuries, therefore they require urgent treatment to the doctors and special treatment.

Лечение синовита

Many people are interested in the question, which doctor treats synovitis? The first thing a person goes to the therapist, he examines the damaged area and writes a referral to a specialist.


Synovitis is an inflammation of the synovial membrane, which is limited by its limits and is characterized by an accumulation of inflammatory effusion in the cavity lined with this membrane.

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