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Cancer (oncology)

Hyperplastic polyp: causes, symptoms, treatment

Since the overgrown cells have a normal structure (they do not exude from ordinary epithelial cells), hyperplastic polyps are related to benign forms.

Cancer of Pankosta

Professor of Radiology, University of Pennsylvania (USA) Henry Pancost, who described this neoplasm in the first third of the last century, identified it as an apical (apical) tumor of the lung.

Subungual melanoma: how it looks, treatment

Cancer diseases - one of the greatest problems of mankind, which every year becomes more urgent. A tumor can appear anywhere in the human body and spread to large areas through metastasis. 

Hypoechoic formation

Instrumental diagnostics by ultrasound scanning (ultrasound), also called ultrasonography, can detect areas with different acoustic densities in the internal organs and cavities - hyperechoic or hypoechoic formation.

Paraneoplastic syndrome

The main cause of the appearance of paraneoplastic syndrome is the active state of the cancerous tumor, as well as the formation of the body's response to this active state.

HeLa cells

Almost all scientific research in molecular biology, pharmacology, virology, genetics since the beginning of the XX century used samples of primary living cells that were obtained from a living organism and cultured by various biochemical methods

Life after cervical cancer

Life after cancer of the cervix can also be full. Although this disease is considered very serious, many women still managed to get rid of it. In order to quickly return after this to a normal healthy and fulfilling life, the patients are encouraged to use the following recommendations.


Pathology occurs as a consequence of the expansion and modification of the vascular walls. The severity of the disease depends on the location of the angioma, as well as on its size and the degree of influence on the flow of fluid inside the vessels.

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