Dangerous moles

Melaniform nevus

A nevus or a mole - a skin formation made of modified cells of the skin pigment melanin - is defined by domestic dermatologists as a melaniform nevus, which can be acquired or congenital.

Nevus Becker in adults and children

Experts believe that Becker's nevus is one of the sporadically occurring and rarely encountered types of epidermal melanocytic  nevus, that is, a pigment mass on the skin. It is also defined as non-uniform melanosis or Becker gamartome pigment

Non-pigment melanoma of the skin: symptoms that can be confused, prognosis

Melanoma or skin cancer is one of the most common and most dangerous types of cancer. This disease is prone to metastasis, with metastases appearing very quickly unlike other cancers that people live with for several years. 

Dangerous symptoms: inflammation of the mole, redness, pain, itching

Every person on his body notices dark pigmented spots - moles. In some people, they are single, and for someone, there are whole placers of dissimilar markers, differing in size and structure.

Melanoma in children

Fortunately, melanoma is very rare in children, so knowing the symptoms and the main manifestations of the disease is very important for timely treatment.

Why did birthmarks become bulging and what should I do?

The appearance of moles on the body is a normal physiological process, having its own causes. Small flat nevuses on the baby's body touch the parents. A lovely mole on the cheek, shoulder or buttock is considered even a kind of charm or "zest" in the image of a person.

Why is a mole growing and what to do?

Birthmarks are absolutely at all: just some people have more, and others - and quite a few. Nothing strange in the appearance of such pigment spots.

Why did a mole grow and what should I do?

A healthy skin is an ornament of any person. But it can appear various growths, most often it's a nevus. Consider what to do in such a situation and how to recognize pathology?

Red dots on a mole

Moles (the medical name - pigment nevi) - a congestion of melanin, benign formations on the human body. They

White spot around the birthmark

White spots around the birthmark appear quite often and many people do not pay attention to this pigmentation.