Beauty legs

Laser epilation of the legs: how much is enough, how many procedures are needed

It is possible both laser hair removal of the foot completely, and hair removal from the individual parts of the leg, thigh, knees, toes and back of the foot.

Moisturizing Foot Creams

Our feet experience a significant daily load - they carry us and, therefore, require careful care, no less than the skin of the face. After all, painful cracks, calluses and corns make our movement a very unpleasant procedure.

Softening Foot Creams

Live, without cracks and cracks, the skin on the feet is not only an unaesthetic appearance, but also a painful sensation. The heel and the entire foot always suffer from a heavy load.

Olive oil for feet

Olive oil for legs is used for cosmetic purposes for moisturizing the skin, nutrition and its saturation with a complex of useful vitamins and minerals. Let's look at the peculiarities of using olive oil in foot care.

The most popular types of pedicure

There are many kinds of pedicure that serve for cleansing and beauty of nails. Pedicure often includes caring for the cuticle, as well as painting the nails. He, as a rule, gives a woman or a man a sense of relaxation and attractiveness. This type of treatment and care for feet and nails can take up to two hours, and a mini-pedicure usually lasts about 30 minutes.

How to choose a varnish color for a pedicure?

There are a lot of varnish colors for pedicure. Among this variety it is easy to get lost. Moreover, the color of the varnish for a pedicure can depend on the time of day, on the purpose (solemn, romantic, business), on the season, on the symbolism of flowers, finally. How to choose the right color for pedicure lacquer?

How to choose a good varnish for a pedicure?

At performance of a pedicure different kinds of varnishes are used. They can be harmful and toxic, and can be organic, devoid of toxins, destroying the nails. What varnish for a pedicure to choose and how to be guided in kinds of a varnish?

How to make a pedicure

As well as the nails on the hands, the nails on the legs also need to be taken care of. Pedicure comes from the Latin word "pedis" and "cura". The word pedis means "legs", and "cura" means help, care, that is, "helping the feet" or caring for the legs. A pedicure can be defined as a process that improves the appearance of the legs and nails. How to make a pedicure at home and how to protect yourself from infections in the spa?

Water procedures against varicose veins

If you have been working all day and your feet are just buzzing, you should do water procedures for your legs.

Gymnastics against bones on the legs

Gymnastics against the pips on the feet will help the foot to unload, take the right shape and even correct minor flaws in the structure of the foot.