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Doctor's Diet

Diet doctors are scientifically designed and backed by diet practices. They are represented by doctors who had an exceptional opportunity to test the effect of these diets on their patients, and they were grateful to them.

Doctors' Diet is a healthy diet for you. We present for you the recipes for the most effective diets for weight loss, talk about their pros and cons, explain the essence of a reasonable weight loss and treatment in the section "Doctor Diet"

Diet of Dr. Alexei Kovalkov: menu for the week

The weight problem worries many people. The essence of man is such that it is not easy for him to give up what brings joy and pleasure, but this turns out to be superfluous kilograms, a violation of metabolism, a deterioration in the state of health.

Recipes for Ducane Diet

Alternate proteins with vegetables, according to Dukan's diet, may seem boring and monotonous.

Diet for nursing moms for weight loss

If a pregnant woman does not gain weight, this is, firstly, not physiological, and secondly, it indicates a hidden pathology in the body of a future mother.

Diet for a nursing mother

The parameters of the selection of products are quite simple: you need to carefully monitor the condition of the baby's skin every day, monitor the consistency of the stool and the process of gassing.

Hypoallergenic diet for nursing mothers

It should be noted that the problem of the newborn's allergy is not directly related to the fact that there is a nursing mother, rather with how well the mother organism perceives food and digests it.

A balanced diet for a nursing mother

Nutritionists recommend the following daily combination of products, which provides the necessary caloric value and at the same time does not overload the gastrointestinal tract

Meals for MONTINYAK: the pros and cons

The famous author of the book, a Frenchman by nationality and a nutritionist by profession, published his first book in 1987. His name is Michel Montignac.

Diet ATKINSA: the pros and cons

In the United States of America in 1972, the Atkins diet was first published. About it - more.

Diet Malysheva: slimming rules

Diet Malysheva caused a great response among the slimming.

Protasov diet recipes

Those who have chosen the Protasov diet for themselves, will necessarily want to get acquainted with the recipes on which you can prepare those or other dishes for weight loss.

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