Newborn health

Clavicle fracture in a newborn during childbirth

During childbirth, with a baby being born, various injuries occur, among which quite often there is a collarbone fracture. At the same time, the integrity of the clavicle can be compromised either completely or partially. Why is this happening?

High temperature when teething children: do I need to shoot down?

Teeth erupt for several months, and they often appear in this order: first the lower two middle teeth, then the two upper middle, then the sides and back. Teeth can be cut one at a time, or several at a time. 

Chamomile for newborns: can I give, how to brew and cook?

This plant has many useful elements that are used in the treatment of colds, skin diseases and for other purposes. Every young mother needs to know about the benefits of chamomile and restrictions, when using it can be dangerous.

Eye drops for newborns: what can I use?

It is very important that mothers know which drops and when to use them better, and also knew about possible complications of treatment.

Massage for colic in newborns: how to do it correctly

Almost all newborns - about 90% to some extent suffer from intestinal colic. The reason for their occurrence is of a physiological nature and is explained by the period of adaptation of the digestive tract of the child to new conditions for him.

Glycine for the newborn: can I give, dosage

Glycine is one of the most famous drugs, which is widely used in neurology for the treatment of many diseases. They increase the neuropsychological capabilities of the body, improve the body's condition, improve sleep, mood, increase efficiency

Why does the newborn have red skin on the priest and face?

Red skin in a newborn can be right after birth, which can, to some extent, frighten parents without reason. But such a symptom can appear in a newborn and after a while, then, most likely, it is already a sign of pathology.

Why does the newborn have a cold nose and pens for a walk and indoors

A cold nose in a newborn is often not a problem, although parents are concerned about this symptom. 

Dry skin in newborn

Dry skin in a newborn can become not only a cosmetic problem, but also a serious medical problem, since the skin plays an important role in the life of the baby. 

Why do newborns have a marbled skin color and what does it mean?

Such changes in the skin of a child can be in absolutely healthy children against the background of changes in the temperature of the environment, and this can also indicate different pathologies.