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Newborn Health

Щетина на спине у новорожденных: как выглядит и как убрать народными средствами?

The very definition of "bristles" is not so precise as to say about such a feature. But despite this, parents often frighten such a state of the child, which requires a detailed consideration of this issue

Белый налет на языке у новорожденного при грудном и искусственном вскармливании

White language in a newborn is the appearance of a white plaque in the language of the baby and sometimes on the cheeks, caused by different reasons. This is a very common problem for children of the first year of life precisely because of their active way of life. But not always such a symptom is a sign of the disease, sometimes it's just the features of feeding the baby.

Пеленочный дерматит у новорожденного: как выглядит и как лечить?

Many parents face such a problem as diaper dermatitis in children of the first year of life, that is, inflammation of the skin of the buttocks and folds of the inguinal region.

Почему у новорожденного сухая кожа лица, рук, ног и чем увлажнить

To make a compliment to a woman and emphasize her blooming look, they say: "You have skin like a baby!". Elastic, smooth, velvety, pink - this is what most often the skin of children. But they appear in the world is not so. 

Физиологическая желтуха новорожденного: чем обусловлена, когда проходит, последствия

The physiological jaundice of a newborn is the appearance of a yellow skin tone in a newborn child three days after birth, which can be in a healthy baby.

Потница у новорожденного на лице и шее: отличия и чем мазать

These specks can be formed on any part of the skin of the child, often in places of natural folds. The condition does not carry a potential threat to the life of the baby, but there may be complications if the care is wrong.

Родничок у новорожденного ребенка: когда зарастает, патологии

A spring in children is the place where the bones of the skull meet at the site of their supposed fusion. The anatomical features of the structure of the bones of the skull of a newborn child are arranged in such a way that the physiological process of birth can proceed as best as possible.

Мастит у новорожденных

Any inflammatory process in such a baby threatens with serious complications and generalized inflammation, so the problem of mastitis is so important for timely diagnosis.

Половой криз у новорожденных

The sexual crisis in newborns is a symptom of changes in the skin, skin glands, genitalia and some other systems that are caused by the action of maternal sex hormones. Such changes are characteristic for children in the first twenty-eight days of life and are transient conditions of newborns.

Насморк у новорожденного: что делать и чем лечить?

Rhinitis in newborns is the problem that many mothers face and this brings a lot of trouble for a child at that age. Features of nutrition of the newborn child do not allow to eat normally if the spout does not breathe.

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