Medical supervision of pregnant women

Medical supervision of pregnant women is conducted from the moment of establishing the fact of pregnancy during all nine months. Its goal is to help a pregnant woman maintain a normal health condition, which is an indispensable condition for the formation of a healthy fetus.

Carrying out medical supervision, obstetrician-gynecologists examine their patients who have no complications, once a month (in the first half of pregnancy), and from the beginning of the third trimester, that is, from the 28th week, twice a month.

Measuring blood pressure, weight gain and height of the standing of the womb, as well as listening to the heartbeat of the fetus, doctors monitor the development of the future baby and help to avoid possible complications.

General analysis of urine during pregnancy

The general analysis of urine during pregnancy refers to mandatory tests and is given before each visit to the doctor supervising the pregnancy.

General analysis of blood during pregnancy

The general analysis of blood during pregnancy is the simplest analysis that is prescribed for all future mothers.

Biochemical analysis in pregnancy

Biochemical analysis during pregnancy refers to mandatory tests. With the help of a biochemical blood test, you can find out about the presence of foci of inflammation in the body, identify violations in the work of all systems and organs.

Analysis for hormones during pregnancy

Analysis of hormones during pregnancy is mandatory, usually it is carried out as soon as the pregnant woman registers in the women's consultation. Also, reanalysis can be assigned in such cases:

Analysis for sowing during pregnancy

Analysis for sowing during pregnancy is a mandatory category. Bacteriological seeding refers to laboratory studies involving the cultivation of bacterial colonies on nutrient media from a taken biological sample (biological fluid, blood, etc.).

Analysis of feces during pregnancy

Analysis of feces during pregnancy is prescribed in order to make sure that there are no diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and to exclude the possibility of helminthic invasion.

What tests are taken during pregnancy?

About what tests are taken during pregnancy, the future mother will find out in the women's consultation when she becomes registered. To hand over analyzes it is necessary not once, throughout all term of pregnancy as on all terms of pregnancy the list of analyzes different.

Second screening for pregnancy

The second screening for pregnancy includes a blood test that identifies three kinds of hormones free estirol, hCG, AFP (in some cases, inhibin A is determined).

Coagulogram in pregnancy

Coagulogram in pregnancy is a necessary analysis to control the health of a woman's body. The process of bearing a fetus is a special period during which various changes occur in the psychoemotional and physical plane of a pregnant woman.

Dental treatment during pregnancy

Dental treatment during pregnancy in modern dentistry is absolutely safe, although it is still true that dental problems are better not to be started and easier to treat before pregnancy. But we do not really like dentists ...


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