Medical supervision of pregnant women

Medical supervision of pregnant women is conducted from the moment of establishing the fact of pregnancy during all nine months. Its goal is to help a pregnant woman maintain a normal health condition, which is an indispensable condition for the formation of a healthy fetus.

Carrying out medical supervision, obstetrician-gynecologists examine their patients who have no complications, once a month (in the first half of pregnancy), and from the beginning of the third trimester, that is, from the 28th week, twice a month.

Measuring blood pressure, weight gain and height of the standing of the womb, as well as listening to the heartbeat of the fetus, doctors monitor the development of the future baby and help to avoid possible complications.

Fluorography in pregnancy: effects on the fetus, consequences than dangerous

Around the question - you can do fluorography during pregnancy? - the medical environment is quite a lot of disputes, because with fluorography, which is an X-ray method of visual examination of the lungs, the body is exposed to ionizing radiation.

Interruption of pregnancy in the early stages

Termination of early pregnancy is a concept that includes interrupting pregnancy at the request of a woman before the twelfth week, and also for medical reasons until the twenty-second week.

Analysis of D-dimer in pregnancy

D-dimer refers to the products of lysis of fibrin, which is part of the thrombus. The analysis allows you to find out whether there is a risk of accelerated formation of thrombi in a future mother or not.

TORCH analyzes at pregnancy

Under the concept of TORCH infections is due to the definition of a number of infections - toxoplasmosis, rubella, cytomegalia, herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea, listeriosis.

Analysis for alpha fetoprotein in pregnancy

The AFP is produced by the embryo's yolk sac, starting from the 5th week, and the maximum percentage is determined in the maternal blood at 32-33 weeks, normal concentration is from 25 to 55 IU / ml.

Genetic analysis during pregnancy

Genetic analysis must necessarily pass, it is the surest option to calculate the probability of development of pathologies and hereditary defects in a future child.

Analgesia during pregnancy for infection

Analyzes during pregnancy for infection need to be taken immediately after the fixation on the account in the women's consultation. Any infection is unsafe during the gestation period, especially the period of exacerbation.

Pregnancy tests by week

Analyzes during pregnancy are given for a whole pregnancy throughout the week, it is better to organize them into your individual calendar - it's very convenient.

General analysis of urine during pregnancy

The general analysis of urine during pregnancy refers to mandatory tests and is given before each visit to the doctor supervising the pregnancy.

General analysis of blood during pregnancy

The general analysis of blood during pregnancy is the simplest analysis that is prescribed for all future mothers.

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