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Hair loss (baldness)

Hair loss in women: which doctor should be treated, how to prevent?

Increased brittleness and hair loss is not only a cosmetic defect, but also a sign of certain disorders in the body. The problem can be connected with diseases of internal organs, deficiency of useful substances, chronic pathologies.

Hair Loss

Increased brittleness of hair is a significant problem for female representatives. With brittle hair can not get to grow long thick hair, do not come out to make a stylish stylish styling.

What if my hair falls out during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, changes occur in the body, which is normal, since vitamins and trace elements, including calcium, are needed to form a new living organism.

What if my hair falls out after staining?

If the hair drops out after staining, then this is the normal reaction of the hair to chemical attack. Most often this way, the hair reacts to illuminators (hydroperite, for example), cheap hair dyes or too frequent staining.

What should I do if my teen has hair falling out?

In the period of puberty in the human body can occur different phenomena, even hair loss, which, in principle, happens rarely. But, if it was suddenly noticed that the adolescent's hair falls out - this does not mean that the child is sick.

Why do hair fall out and what to do?

If a healthy, outwardly human hair falls out, then there is reason to think about the reasons that could cause alopecia (the scientific definition of the process of hair loss).

Alopecia: Methods of hair replacement

Alopecia has been haunting people for so long that its origins are lost in the fog of centuries. In our time, there are elegant and effective surgical methods of hair transplantation, and they, in fact, heal.

Focal scar scar tissue. Causes. Symptoms. Diagnostics. Treatment

Focal scar scar tissue with irreversible hair loss, or pseudopelagus, is not a separate nosological form, but represents the final result of the evolution of a number of atrophying dermatoses of the scalp (acquired or congenital).

Alopecia areata

Alopecia areata (syn: alopecia or Celsus' vitiligo, Pelada) is characterized by the emergence of foci of rounded baldness.

Alopecia is diffuse (symptomatic). Causes. Symptoms. Diagnostics. Treatment

Daily hair loss (50-100) is a physiological process; The follicle re-enters the anagen phase and alopecia does not develop. However, under the influence of various external and internal factors, the asynchronous nature of the hair cycles in man is disturbed and excessive hair loss occurs.

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