Hair loss (baldness)

Androgenic alopecia

Still Hippocrates noticed that eunuchs do not grow bald. Later this same circumstance was noted by Aristotle. In the 1940's, James Hamilton wrote that the cause of baldness could be an excess of male sex hormones combined with a genetic predisposition.

Temporary Hair Loss

The problem of medical statistics is that it operates on figures obtained from hospitals and polyclinics, leaving behind all those who are sick without referring to doctors.

Focal alopecia

There are three types of hair along the edge of the patch of alopecia - cone-shaped, clavate and in the form of an exclamation mark. Restoring hair is thin and unpigmented, and only later they get a normal color and texture.

Why hair falls out

Baldness is more of a medical problem, the decision of which should be handled by a qualified doctor who has received a specialization in trichology.


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