Masks for face

Mask of cocoa

Cocoa has universal properties, therefore it is used in different spheres. Cocoa has a rich chemical composition, due to which, many attribute to it a unique action, and here there is some truth.

Masks with hyaluronic acid

The imposition of stressful situations, ultraviolet radiation, poor ecology, food imbalance, poor water quality, and insufficient care lead to the drying and withering of the skin. In this situation, if not completely restored, then masks with hyaluronic acid can correct the situation.

Mask from parsley

A mask of parsley is a simple way to improve the skin condition without resorting to expensive creams. All known seasoning for dishes can both decorate the cookery masterpiece you cooked, and help to restore the skin freshness and smooth tone.

Face mask after sunburn: neutralize the harm of ultraviolet light

Nobody knows when the first facial mask was made after sunburn, but it is for certain that the fashion for tanned skin appeared in the mid-1920s.

Masks with glycerin

Masks with glycerin can be purchased at a store, a pharmacy or done by yourself. Depending on how many percent of glycerin is added to the mask, you can judge for which skin type it is most suitable.

Mask of soda - a cosmetic for problem skin

A mask of soda assumes a certain effect of this chemical - acidic sodium salt of carbonic acid or sodium bicarbonate - on the skin of the face.

Masks of oatmeal

Mask from the Hercules conquers more and more attention, and not in vain. Oatmeal is a valuable product, but its usefulness as a cosmetic is clearly not less.

Mask of avocado - for healthy skin and hair

A great popularity acquired various cosmetics for face and body care, which include avocado oil. A mask of avocado can improve the condition of any skin type.

Oatmeal Mask for the face - universal care for any skin type

Oatmeal for face is very popular. Its popularity is explained by the multicomponent composition, namely - the high content of amino acids, vitamins and minerals that are necessary for the normal functioning and vital functions of skin cells of the face.

Chinese masks

Chinese masks and other Chinese cosmetics are increasingly gaining popularity, despite the somewhat biased attitude of some women. Do not buy dubious cosmetics in little-known stores and at a low price.


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