Masks for face

Anti-inflammatory face mask

Anti-inflammatory face mask is a cosmetic that can effectively remove redness and painful inflammation on the skin in a short period of time. Let's look at what kinds of anti-inflammatory masks are available, as well as several popular recipes for cooking masks at home.

Mask with peroxide

Mask with peroxide is considered an effective way to improve the condition of the skin, giving them a healthy appearance and eliminating the excess secretion of secretion of sebaceous glands.

Nourishing face masks: basic secrets of healthy skin

Nourishing facial masks that improve appearance, occupy a place of honor among cosmetic procedures that are conducted at home.

Mask of the egg for the face - professional home care

Mask from the egg for the face is quite useful and prepared with ease, quickly and does not require significant financial investment compared to shop masks.

Mask from cabbage for the face

Mask from cabbage for the face - simple and at the same time very effective agent intended for careful care of any type of skin. In home recipes of all kinds of masks from white-vegetable vegetables, whole and crushed leaves are used, or juice obtained through a juicer or meat grinder.

Mask of Cleopatra

Cleopatra Mask is a cosmetic mask used for face and hair. The mask gently cares for the skin, rejuvenates it and tones it. Regular use of the mask of Cleopatra is a pledge of youth and beauty. Let's look at the peculiarities of this mask, as well as the ways of its preparation at home.

Tightening Face Mask

It is important to understand that the effect of such a tightening mask for a person can not last very long. Therefore, it is better to do it directly before going out.

Benefits of face masks

Nowadays many different face masks are available for sale. But the benefits of face masks cooked at home are very noticeable.

Rice mask for face

Mask of rice for the face - an effective tool for feeding dry or rough skin. It promotes cell renewal, maintains the water balance of the skin, whitens and eliminates pigmentation, and also removes irritation and soothes the facial skin.

Masks from salt

Masks from salt have unique properties that nourish and tone the skin. Let's consider the main cosmetic properties of salt, its effect on the skin and the effect of its use.


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