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Preparing for pregnancy

Vitamin E when planning pregnancy for women and men: the norm, how to drink, the intake scheme

Even in the 20s of the last century, studies that were conducted on rats showed that exclusion of certain foods from the diet led to infertility. Adding salad leaves and wheat germ oil to food restored the reproductive function.

Vitamins for Pregnancy Planning for Women: List and Names

If the pregnancy is planned in advance, and not accidental, it is quite clear that we are talking about responsible people who will take all measures to ensure that their child was born healthy, and the pregnancy was successful.

Eggs freezing

Many world experts believe that vitrification makes it possible to obtain promising and positive results.

Insurance of pregnancy and childbirth

To date, the number of expectant mothers who contract pregnancy and delivery insurance contracts is increasing.

Pregnancy test with soda

Speaking about the principle of the action of this method, it is necessary to understand first of all the chemical and physical properties of urine. Normally, urine has a relative density higher than water and has a slightly acid reaction.

Frautest for pregnancy

Pregnancy tests are very popular, since they allow you to determine the obvious reasons for the delay from its first days. Consider one of the most accessible and accurate tests - frautest.

Electronic pregnancy test

The electronic pregnancy test allows to establish the fact of its onset (or not offensive) simply, quickly and, most importantly, is practically unmistakable: manufacturers of such tests assure that the level of their accuracy is not less than 99%.

Pregnancy test at home

Despite the fact that pharmacies can freely purchase any of almost two dozen brands of testing systems for determining pregnancy, some are wondering whether it is possible to make a pregnancy test in the early stages without the help of a ready-made rapid test kit.

Diet before pregnancy

Diet before pregnancy plays a big role in a woman's life, because the ability to give birth to a healthy, strong child is the highest gift from nature and the main goal in the life of a future mother.

Herbs when planning pregnancy

To such herbs it is possible to carry a red brush, a boron uterus, elecampane, sporach, pear-leaf, rhodiola rosea, willow bark, marjin root, golden mustache.

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