Preparing for pregnancy

Витамин Е при планировании беременности для женщин и мужчин: норма, как пить, схема приема

Even in the 20s of the last century, studies that were conducted on rats showed that exclusion of certain foods from the diet led to infertility. Adding salad leaves and wheat germ oil to food restored the reproductive function. Thus, vitamin E was discovered, and later the biologically active substance of vitamin α-tocopherol was described, which in Greek means "offspring, childbearing." This made it possible In 1938 to describe the chemical formula of tocopherol and synthesize it. Since then, it is widely used as a powerful antioxidant and a tool that enhances the function of male and female organs producing the production of sex cells. Therefore, the role of vitamin E in planning pregnancy is beyond doubt and important, both for women and men who are preparing to become parents.

Vitamin E for men when planning pregnancy

Preparing the body for future conception is necessary not only for women, but for men. 3-4 months before the planned event, to strengthen the reproductive function, to reduce the negative influences of the environment, to strengthen the protective properties of immunity, it is recommended to start taking a number of vitamins, including vitamin E. Vitamin E for men during pregnancy planning will prevent the cellular structure of the genital organs from damage and will provide high mobility and vitality of spermatozoa.

Vitamin E for Women in Pregnancy Planning

Vitamin E for women when planning pregnancy is very important, because. Will help to prepare the ovaries for the development of full-grown eggs, and after successful conception will reduce the risk of miscarriage, fetal fading, strengthen the placenta, help during the entire 40 weeks of pregnancy to feel good and supply the fetus with the necessary substances for its development. Other positive aspects of the role of vitamin E include:

  • hormonal balance;
  • improvement of blood microcirculation;
  • stabilization of pressure;
  • increased elasticity and strength of the muscular tissue of the uterus;
  • decrease in the sugar level, which is very important for diabetics;
  • strengthening of resistance against the penetration of infections into the reproductive system.

The norm of vitamin E in planning pregnancy

To determine the norms of vitamin E in planning pregnancy, it is necessary to understand the units of its measurement, tk. On some packages the abbreviation ME is specified, and on others - clear to all mg (milligramme). ME means the measurement of a substance in international units. To translate, if necessary from one unit to another, you need to apply the following formula:

1mg of vitamin E = 1.21 IU

The daily intake of vitamin E for women and men is different, but on average it is 10-20 IU. When planning pregnancy, experts recommend increasing to 200-400 IU, but the doctor must take the decision, taking into account individual health indicators and the human diet. It is worth taking into account the fact that with the products the vitamin also enters the body. So, most of it is contained in nuts (in 100g of various types of nuts from 5g to 25g of vitamin E), in dried apricots (5g), spinach, dogrose, wheat germ (2.5-3.8g), squid, 2.2g), salmon (1.8g), and others.

Витамины при планировании беременности для женщин: список и названия

If the pregnancy is planned in advance, and not accidental, it is quite clear that we are talking about responsible people who will take all measures to ensure that their child was born healthy, and the pregnancy was successful. Many know that this requires at least half a year before conception to abandon such phenomena as smoking, stormy parties, alcoholic beverages, sleepless nights, stress. But are vitamins needed when planning pregnancy for women?

A modern pragmatic approach to family replenishment involves planning for pregnancy. This increases the likelihood of the birth of a healthy baby, reduces the risks of congenital pathologies, allowing you to correct paternal and maternal health before conception.

In this process, one of the leading roles belongs to a full-fledged diet, taking into account the necessary vitamins, micro- and macro elements, which will ensure the needs of the organisms of both parents in vital substances and will have an unconditional positive impact on their functioning.

Planning pregnancy, you need to consider the need for each vitamin and mineral component, since each substance performs a certain function. Most often, doctors recommend multivitamin-mineral complexes, proceeding from the fact that modern working parents do not always have the opportunity to fully eat. The norm of vitamins increases when planning pregnancy, however, it is still necessary to work out a differentiated approach to this issue. Most often the body lacks one or two specific substances, and the rest are normal. Synthetic drugs can achieve hypervitaminosis much sooner than those obtained with food. The excess of vitamin and mineral components is also not desirable in the planning of pregnancy. To find out what nutrient components the body lacks is quite possible, after passing the tests.

Фраутест на беременность

Pregnancy tests are very popular, since they allow you to determine the obvious reasons for the delay from its first days. Consider one of the most accessible and accurate tests - frautest.

Delayed menstruation - this is the first and obvious sign of the onset of pregnancy. Therefore, women follow their cycle, someone is waiting for conception, and someone is afraid. If the monthly does not come and there is no possibility to apply to a women's consultation, the sufficiency should be made a special test. This is a simple, quick and affordable way to learn about the onset of conception at home. All tests operate on the same principle: the determination of the level of hCG in urine. Chorionic gonadotropin is secreted by the embryo after attachment to the walls of the uterus. If it has a high level, then this is a positive result - two strips.

The advantage of Frautest in its high sensitivity and affordable price. The ultrasensitive form allows you to determine the pregnancy a few days before the delay of the monthly, the testing accuracy is 99%. Another plus is that it can be done in any convenient place and at any time of the day, but for reliability it is better in the morning, since in this period the maximum level of hCG.

There are several types of fraatest:

  • To determine ovulation

It greatly facilitates the process of conception planning, eliminates the need to constantly measure basal temperature. In order to know about the approaching ovulation, it's enough to follow the brightness of the second strip for 3-5 days in the middle of the cycle. As soon as both strips become the same in color, this indicates a fertile day for conception. Such tests have several forms of release: test strips of five pieces per pack, cassettes with a special cap, and tests with a container for collecting urine.

  • For the presence of thrush

Used to identify the disease, which allows you to choose the most effective and safe method of therapy before seeking medical help.

  • To detect bacterial-vaginal infections

The test is performed in the form of a daily lining, which determines the level of acidity in the vaginal environment. If a woman has an infection, then it is accompanied by abundant discharge with an unpleasant odor, but it can also be asymptomatic. Timely diagnosis of the disease prevents further infection of the urino-genital area and infection of the endometrium.

  • Pregnancy

It allows you to get a quick and accurate result when there is no possibility to contact a women's consultation. Has several forms of release, which differ in value. Of the disadvantages can be identified only the probability of an untrue result due to the individual characteristics of the female body.

  • Frautest express - one test in a package.
  • Frautest double control - two-test strip in the package.
  • Frautest comfort is one test that does not require a separate urine sampling.
  • Frautest expert - cassette test, single use.
  • Frautest ecsclusive - has high sensitivity, does not require collection of urine.
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