Insurance of pregnancy and childbirth

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Last reviewed: 01.06.2018

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To date, the number of expectant mothers who contract pregnancy and delivery insurance contracts is increasing. It was created for those people who do not trust the services of free medicine or there is no opportunity to waste time waiting in the district women's consultations.

If you do not belong to amateurs chatting in line, then you have two options. The first is to find a doctor, negotiate and pay him personally for each visit. The second - to arrange insurance of pregnancy and childbirth in the hospital, which you liked. The insurance policy has some advantages.

You will not be assigned unnecessary analyzes and research, which are done in commercial laboratories and, therefore, are not cheap. This often occurs in district clinics, where doctors who have agreements with private laboratories receive interest from each referral patient. The insurance company protects its money and in connection with this extra expensive research will not appear. This will bring more benefits to you, as it will save you from a superfluous visit to a medical institution and contact with people around you who may have different sources of infectious diseases, and also do not bother your future crumb again. The insurance policy acts as a guarantor of quality and adequacy of medical care, which you can not even say about some commercial establishments. You will be sure that you will not face rudeness and rude physicians. Representatives of the insurer closely monitor such situations.

The number of insurance services provided by maternity insurance directly depends on the price of it. The higher the cost of an insurance policy, the greater the range of services it provides. Insurance can be purchased at the beginning of pregnancy, then it will include a full list of medical services for monitoring the pregnancy and childbirth. There is an opportunity to purchase insurance exclusively for childbirth. The universal package of pregnancy support (supervising obstetrician-gynecologist, necessary analyzes, a certain amount of ultrasound examinations), transportation of the woman in labor to the maternity department, delivery (including cesarean sowing) and postnatal stay in the maternity ward are very popular.

The prices for complex services depend more on the chosen maternity home. But it is worth considering and weighing all the pros and cons, if you negotiate with a doctor and thank all the personnel who will take part in the birth of your child, this can cost much more than an insurance policy.

The price policy directly depends on the selected services. Let's give an example: a single postpartum ward will cost much more than the one where a few more mothers will stay with you. And one and the other option have both positive and negative points. Staying in a separate room, you can not always at the right time to call a specialist, while in the general chamber, your "colleagues" will help you in this. At the same time, being in a multi-room ward you and your baby may be disturbed by the crying and noise of other children and their mothers. What to choose is up to you.

It is also necessary to mention that in Ukraine and Russia, various insurance companies offer insurance for pregnancy and childbirth (they allow you to choose the clinic or maternity ward from the list offered). Registration of an insurance policy is possible and directly in the maternity hospital, which in your opinion, is reliable.

Traveler's insurance during pregnancy

During pregnancy, which proceeds without special pathologies and complications, travel is allowed. In particular, when the gestational age is sufficiently small. However, if there are various complications concerning the bearing of the baby, for example, there is a threat of miscarriage, late toxicosis appeared, then it is desirable to postpone the travel.

Traveler's insurance during pregnancy is a specific kind of policies. In this case, the life of the mother and fetus depends on the speed of the provision of skilled medical care. A limited number of companies provide such an insurance policy. A pregnant woman exposes her health to an enormous risk throughout the trip. Insurers providing such a package of services specify the period of pregnancy above which the insurance policy will not function.

Insurance of pregnant women for traveling abroad

When traveling outside the country it is necessary to think about the question of medical insurance for a future mother. It can be obtained from a travel company that organizes a trip. Most often, medical insurance provides for cases if the pregnancy period of a tourist is not more than 12 weeks. If the gestational age is longer, we will have to look for an insurance company on our own, which will pick up the policy taking into account all the nuances. Before the eighth week of pregnancy, tourists can buy insurance at a lower price, and starting from 8 to 24 weeks, the cost increases significantly. This is due to the specifics of the condition of the pregnant woman and the features of providing medical assistance, which she may need.

Lovers of foreign travel should take into account that conventional insurance does not protect fully pregnant women. A typical insurance policy can not compensate for the costs of treating possible complications related to pregnancy, childbirth and their consequences. Making out the insurance it is necessary to indicate the special waiting period for the baby! Some companies offer an insurance policy for pregnant women when traveling abroad on-line. It is necessary to take care in advance that all financing for the provision of medical services should be placed solely on the insurance company!

The future mother will have to look for an experienced and reliable insurance company, ready to become a guarantor of the necessary assistance in case of an emergency situation, directly related to pregnancy. It should be taken into account that some moments depend on the foreign partner of the insurance company (local insurer who will work with you abroad, and then all the accounts will be transferred to the company that concluded the contract with you).

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