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Pregnancy tests are very popular, as they allow you to determine the obvious reasons for the delay from its first days. Consider one of the most accessible and accurate tests - frautest.

Delayed menstruation - this is the first and obvious sign of the onset of pregnancy. Therefore, women follow their cycle, someone is waiting for conception, and someone is afraid. If the monthly does not come and there is no possibility to apply to a women's consultation, the sufficiency should be made a special test. This is a simple, quick and affordable way to learn about the onset of conception at home. All tests operate on the same principle: the determination of the level of hCG in urine. Chorionic gonadotropin is secreted by the embryo after attachment to the walls of the uterus. If it has a high level, then this is a positive result - two strips.

The advantage of Frautest in its high sensitivity and affordable price. The ultrasensitive form allows you to determine the pregnancy a few days before the delay of the monthly, the testing accuracy is 99%. Another plus is that it can be done in any convenient place and at any time of the day, but for reliability it is better in the morning, since in this period the maximum level of hCG.

There are several types of fraatest:

  • To determine ovulation

It greatly facilitates the process of conception planning, eliminates the need to constantly measure basal temperature. In order to know about the approaching ovulation, it's enough to follow the brightness of the second strip for 3-5 days in the middle of the cycle. As soon as both strips become the same in color, this indicates a fertile day for conception. Such tests have several forms of release: test strips of five pieces per pack, cassettes with a special cap, and tests with a container for collecting urine.

  • For the presence of thrush

Used to identify the disease, which allows you to choose the most effective and safe method of therapy before seeking medical help.

  • To detect bacterial-vaginal infections

The test is performed in the form of a daily lining, which determines the level of acidity in the vaginal environment. If a woman has an infection, then it is accompanied by abundant discharge with an unpleasant odor, but it can also be asymptomatic. Timely diagnosis of the disease prevents further infection of the urino-genital area and infection of the endometrium.

  • Pregnancy

It allows you to get a quick and accurate result when there is no possibility to contact a women's consultation. Has several forms of release, which differ in value. Of the disadvantages can be identified only the probability of an untrue result due to the individual characteristics of the female body.

  • Frautest express - one test in a package.
  • Frautest double control - two-test strip in the package.
  • Frautest comfort is one test that does not require a separate urine sampling.
  • Frautest expert - cassette test, single use.
  • Frautest ecsclusive - has high sensitivity, does not require collection of urine.


Indications for the use of fraatest

There are many types of tests for pregnancy detection and they all work on the same principle. With the use of some, urine collection is necessary in the container, others assume the introduction of a test strip to a certain level in urine, and on the third, it is necessary to drop a couple of drops of urine into a special window. The waiting time for the results is different, but usually from 30 seconds to 3 minutes.

The main indication for the use of frautestus is suspicion of pregnancy, that is, the delay in menstruation. Different tests display their results in different ways. Frautest has two indicators:

  • The first strip or control indicator indicates the suitability for use.
  • The second strip, that is, the indicator of pregnancy, indicates its presence (the strip is manifested) or absence (the stripe is absent).

At the same time, the intensity of the color of the cavity does not matter, that is, even a pale indicator indicates conception. Many manufacturers recommend a repeat procedure a couple of days after the first result. The accuracy of such an analysis depends on the correctness and timeliness of its application.

The truthfulness of the results is based on factors such as:

  • Before testing, check the expiration date of the package and carefully read the instructions.
  • Do not rush with the interpretation of the results. According to the research, the most accurate results are obtained in 7-10 minutes.
  • Testing should be done only with morning urine, since it contains the highest level of hCG. Before the procedure, do not drink any liquid for at least 2-3 hours.
  • Each package is for single use only. To obtain the correct diagnosis, it is recommended to conduct at least two analyzes with an interval of 5-7 days. This is due to fluctuations in the level of hormones in the female body.

A positive result is an occasion to turn to a gynecologist and confirm your condition. But do not forget that there are false-positive and false-negative results. As a rule, they appear due to improper use of the test, since fraatest is considered the most reliable among analogues.

Form of issue

There are several types of pregnancy tests that have a different form of release, sensitivity and, of course, cost. Consider the main types of pregnancy fraatest:

  • Frautest Express

The reagent soaked on a plastic substrate. To conduct the study, the strip should be immersed in a container with urine for 5-10 seconds and after 3-5 minutes to obtain the result. Each pack contains one test strip. The price: 10-20 UAH.

  • Frautest Double control

Two strips for the determination of conception. This allows you to verify the result and minimize the psychological burden. The price: 20-30 grn.

  • Frautest Expert

The package contains a cassette with a pipette. The original design of the test and the method of its execution guarantee the accuracy of the results obtained. There are two windows on the cassette, one drops a couple of drops of urine using a pipette, and in the second there is a result. Price: 25-40 UAH.

  • Frautest Comfort

The advantage of this test in its hygiene and convenient use. It can be carried out at any time of the day and you do not need to collect urine. The original design of the cassette protects against the violation of the research technique, which allows obtaining an accurate result. The cost: 35-50 UAH.

  • Frautest Exclusive

Inkjet test system with a convenient and hygienic design. The analysis can be done anywhere and anytime. Has a high sensitivity, which acts as a guarantee of an accurate result. Price: 60-100 UAH.

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Ultrasensitive pregnancy test

All kinds of frautest have high sensitivity. They allow you to determine the conception from the first days of delay in menstruation.

  • Ultrasensitive pregnancy test for 10-15 mIU / ml is used for diagnosis before the onset of delayed menses. To obtain reliable results, it is recommended to conduct an additional study with an interval of 5-7 days.
  • Reliability of high-sensitivity test systems is more than 99%. The analysis can be done at any time of the day, but do not forget that the maximum concentration of hCG only in the morning urine. Before testing, it is best to avoid the use of fluids or diuretics.
  • Ultrasensitive frautest is a special cassette and a pipette for urine collection. In the cassette window, you need to drop a couple of drops of urine and wait for the result to appear within 3-5 minutes. Note that the result is considered reliable within 10 minutes after the test, at the end of time, the data should not be taken into account.

Sensitivity of pregnancy frauktest

The reliability of the test is determined by its sensitivity. This indicator indicates the minimum amount of HCG the test responds to. Typically, this number ranges from 10 mIU / ml to 30 mIU / ml. Sensitivity frautesta pregnancy at 10 mIU \ Ml, that is, responds to the lowest level of hCG. With his help, you can identify a pregnancy before the delay in menstruation. The analysis can be carried out 5-7 days after the probable conception. Such tests are ultrasensitive.

If the diagnostic strip has 25 mIU / mL, this indicates an average sensitivity level. That is, such a test will not give true results until the expected delay. It is better to conduct it after the monthly did not come on time. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that on some samples there is no data on sensitivity, but on the design of the test and its packaging, it can be determined independently.

  1. Test strips (strip tests) are popular because of their low cost, their sensitivity is 25 or more mIU / ml. They are related to the first generation of diagnostic methods of conception and can give false results.
  2. Test-cassette (tablet) - to get the result in a special window, you need to drip a couple of drops of urine. Refers to the second category of tests, sensitivity from 10-25 mIU / ml.
  3. Ink jet - have a high sensitivity of 10-15 mIU / ml and are very convenient to use, since they do not require a pipette or a special container for collecting urine.
  4. Electronic - a kind of inkjet. They are characterized by high sensitivity and the possibility of reusable use. The positive result looks like "+" or "pregnant".

According to the research conducted, Frautest paper test strips, Frautest Expert cassette tests and Frautest Exclusive inkjet are especially popular.

Dosing and Administration

To obtain reliable results, the pregnancy test has a certain method of application. Before the test, thoroughly wash your hands and collect a sample of morning urine. Gently open the package and take out the strip strip, taking it from the painted side. Lower the strip in a container with urine to the specified mark for 7-10 seconds, take it to a horizontal surface and wait for the result. If you have a cassette, it is enough to drop a couple of drops of urine in a round window.

Evaluation of results is the same for all types of tests:

  • Negative - at the end of the allotted time in the control zone, only one strip.
  • Positive - 5-10 minutes after testing, there are two strips: diagnostic and control. In this case, even a weak band in the diagnostic zone indicates conception.
  • Erroneous - if there is a violation of the methodology and rules of the instruction, there is not a single strip. This happens very rarely and, as a rule, because of insufficient urine or incorrect position of the test.
  • False positive or false negative - these results appear when testing in women who undergo treatment for infertility with drugs with hCG, with cancer, recent abortions, cardiovascular pathologies, kidneys, or fluid before testing.

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Contraindications for use

Pregnancy tests, like any other diagnostic procedures, have certain limitations to conduct. Contraindications for use depend on the type of test and the level of its sensitivity. Homemade research by usual strips is not recommended before the onset of menstruation, but cassette systems can be used from the first days of the alleged conception. For confidence in the result, it is recommended to retest 5-7 days later.

During the study, the following errors should be avoided:

  • Do not touch the reaction zone with hands.
  • Do not allow dirt or moisture to enter the strip strip or the cassette.
  • Expired tests are not used.
  • In the sample urine should not fall into foreign matter.

There are a number of reasons that can lead to false research results:

  • Too early diagnosis.
  • Not a quality test with an expired date of validity or violated conditions of the temperature regime.
  • Early evaluation of results.
  • The presence of diseases (oncology), increasing the level of hCG.

If you have performed several tests with a weekly interval, but doubt the results obtained, then it is worth turning to the gynecologist. For comparison, you can conduct another analysis with a test from another manufacturer. You can measure basal temperature (in the morning, without getting out of bed), if it is above 37 degrees, then this indicates a pregnancy. In addition, it is recommended to donate blood to HCG, to undergo ultrasound and, of course, to see a doctor.

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Storage conditions

To obtain reliable results, the used frotest should be in the original packaging and without any defects. Particular attention is paid to storage conditions. The test is forbidden to keep in a place with high humidity or at high temperatures.

Shelf life

Frautest for pregnancy has won the confidence of women with their accessibility, ease of use and reliable results. The shelf life of any form of test is 36 months from the production date. At the end of this period, strips, cassettes or electronic tests must be disposed of. According to the instructions, Frautest is made using a unique latex technology that provides a clear, visible result. Each sample can only be used once. The use of expired materials gives erroneous results, which can not be trusted.


To simplify the perception of information, this instruction for use of the drug "Frautest for pregnancy" translated and presented in a special form on the basis of the official instructions for medical use of the drug. Before use read the annotation that came directly to medicines.

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