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General information about fitness

Антицеллюлитные бриджи для похудения: hot shapers, вулкан, артемис

Excess weight has become a real scourge in the modern world, it affects more than one and a half billion inhabitants of the planet.

Партерная гимнастика

The peculiarity of the parterre gymnastics is the performance of exercises on the floor. This is a specially designed complex that is held lying or sitting, on the side or on all fours with minimal articular load, involving the necessary muscles.

Обруч хулахуп для похудения: как выбрать и правильно заниматься

Who among us did not try to turn the plastic hoop of a house in front of a mirror when he was a child, presenting himself as a famous gymnast, or did not play with him during physical education classes at school? This popular sports equipment can be found at many houses and now.

Упражнения для утренней зарядки для детей

Given the spread of excess weight in modern children against a background of malnutrition and lack of motor activity, the question of morning exercises is very relevant.

Профессиональные болезни спортсменов

The life of an athlete is a frequent debilitating exercise, physical activity, early deterioration of the body, accidental injuries and, as a consequence, the emergence of occupational diseases.

Польза и вред спорта при раке

In the process of prevention or treatment of cancer, physical activity is an excellent help, since it can strengthen immunity by stimulating the synthesis of immune cells.

Как повысить выносливость?

How to make so that to improve quality of the health, and accordingly, and lives? We will discuss this in more detail below.

Упражнения с мячом для похудения

Classes with the ball (fitball) practically do not differ from the usual training, simply there is a kind of load-simulator in the form of a ball.

Упражнения со скакалкой для похудения

Let's start with the fact that you need to buy a rope. What are the rope and how to choose this idle simulator for yourself?

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