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Exercises for the muscles of the back

Exercises to strengthen the back muscles for children

For normal physical development of the child, special exercises are needed to strengthen the back. Consider the popular complexes and features of their implementation.

Exercises for the waist

Over time, a person begins to feel the "heaviness of years", the spine grows old, there are heaviness and pain. Therefore, exercises for the waist - a straw, clutching at which, you can return to its former flexibility and stability.

Exercises for the development and strengthening of the muscles of the back

Exercises for the back muscles help reduce the burden on the spine, improve posture, reduce soreness.

Exercises for posture for children (video)

Exercises for the posture for children should be carried out by all children - both healthy and with an existing violation of posture. Such exercises should be included in exercises on morning exercises and in outdoor games. After all, the posture reflects the child's physical and mental health, his character and mood.

Thrust rod with one hand in slope

Put the barbell on the floor, one end of the bar in the corner. Dress a few light pancakes on the other end. Place the bench to your right ...

Bending of the lower back

Tear off the head and torso from the floor, cutting the muscles of the lower back. Slowly lower the upper body to the floor

Draft in slope

Pull the crossbar straight to the chest, then lower it. Do not allow the rod to touch the floor.

Shrages behind the back

With this exercise, you can easily pump trapezius muscles

Strong back: Rod rod rod

Face the bar that lies on the floor, feet at a width of 40 cm. Sit down and take the bar, arms slightly wider than the width of the legs.

We develop the muscles responsible for the optimal condition of the spine

Exercises for the prevention of degenerative arthritis in the spine ...

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