Intimate health

What will change in sex if you lose weight?

To change the quality of your sexual life you can, just ... Changing weight. When a person grows thin, say American researchers from the State of Agayo, his libido (sexual desire) increases. And then the quality of sex becomes much better. Lose weight women and men begin to behave and feel completely different, and the brightness of their sexual impressions intensifies.

How to increase sexual confidence?

The secret to increasing your sexual confidence is to love yourself and believe that you deserve pleasure.

Fuel for love: products that improve sex life

Scientists have found that many products contain hundreds of chemical components that have very specific properties, including those that help improve sexual life.

Rape and STDs (sexually transmitted infections)

The recommendations contained in this guide are limited only to the identification and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, as well as the conditions that are commonly observed in the management of cases of these infections.

STDs against which vaccine prophylaxis is carried out

One of the most effective methods of preventing the spread of STDs is preventive immunization.

Screening for cervical cancer in women who go to STD clinics or have a history of an STD

Women with a history of STDs are at increased risk of developing cervical cancer, and women who go to STD clinics may have characteristics that can be classified as an even higher risk group.

HIV infection: identification, initial management and referral of patients with HIV infection to health care facilities

HIV infection is a disease that progresses from asymptomatic forms to AIDS as a late manifestation. The rate of progression of the disease is different.

STI / HIV prevention methods

Prevention and control of STDs is based on five basic concepts: first, educating people who are at risk for preventing STDs

Notification and management of sex partners with STDs

In almost all cases, partners of patients with STDs should be examined. If the diagnosis of a curable STD is likely, appropriate antibiotics should be prescribed even in the absence of clinical signs of infection and until laboratory results are obtained.


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