Kinds of moles

Border intradermal nevus

Intraepidermal, or borderline nevus is one of the many varieties of nevus, which has its own distinct characteristics and features. This neoplasm is small, but quite dangerous: it has a tendency to overgrow and malignancy. 

Birthmark on the labia

Intimate birthmarks are many, but how safe are they? Consider what are the nevi, the reasons for their appearance, signs of malignancy and methods of treatment.

Flat birthmarks

Moles, or nevi are available to all. These are benign neoplasms of different shades of brown color. Their color is provided by melanin, a pigment found in melanocytes (skin cells), of which nevi are composed.

Convex birthmark. What do you need to know about it?

Convex birthmark (nevus) is a benign neoplasm on the skin. From the point of view of dermatologists, moles and birthmarks have similar medical causes. At the initial stage of development the mole looks like a small speck of dark color on the skin.

Moles after sunburn

Moles are pigmentations, usually oval, appearing on the surface of the skin. Almost all people have these educations. Some have more of them in others - it all depends on our skin features.

White halo around the birthmark

Often, these formations are simply a subspecies of ordinary nevi. They appear on the skin near the moles, and later disappear, without exerting any influence on them.

Benign moles

On the body of each person there are birthmarks. In many cases, these are innocuous entities related to an innate or acquired phenomenon. Benign moles can appear throughout the life of a person. They must be carefully monitored and not allowed to be mechanically damaged.

Mole for the century

If you notice that you have a nevus over the eye, it is recommended that you immediately contact a specialist who can determine if the pigmented spot is a benign entity.

Moles from the sun: is "solar love" dangerous?

To the birthmarks on the body, the person has always had a twofold relationship. On the one hand, neat cute pigment spots are a kind of unique decoration peculiar to a single individual.