Treatment of menopause

Treatment of postmenopausal atrophic vaginitis: suppositories, alternative agents

Non-hormonal drugs that have the ability to restore the mucosal epithelium of the vagina, reduce inflammatory manifestations and provide antimicrobial action are created by pharmacists based on prescriptions of alternative medicine.

Sage in menopause and hot flashes: how to drink, contraindications

Sage is recognized throughout the world for its medicinal properties, but it is especially useful to women. This medicinal plant has long been used in alternative medicine, and its unique healing properties were glorified by healers of ancient Greece and Rome.

Non-hormonal drugs for menopause in women: a list and reviews

Approximately after 45 years (someone earlier, and someone later) in the female body, the processes of extinction of the reproductive function begin: ovulation becomes less and less, the follicles cease to form, the menstrual cycle gradually ceases.

Preparations and products containing phytoestrogens: a list, benefit and harm

In plant biochemistry, phytoestrogens are defined as a heterogeneous group of heterocyclic polyphenolic compounds of plant origin

Effective treatment of hot flushes with menopause: doctor's reviews

The question of what should be the effective treatment of hot flushes with menopause remains in the focus of attention of doctors and patients for more than a dozen years.

How to lose weight after menopause: alternative drugs, drugs, nutrition

A sharp change in weight in any direction, at any period of life, can be a disturbing signal. Perhaps the body is sick and the person needs to be examined urgently? With age, these changes are most often reduced to undesirable completeness, especially exciting women. How to lose weight with menopause, want to know many of them.

Nutrition with menopause

Climax is a complex physiological and psychological period in the life of women, requiring attention and a special approach. It lasts for several years, normally in the average from 45 to 50 years of age. What is important is what the woman does during this period, especially nutrition with menopause.

The drug "Ovestin" with menopause in women: cream, gel, candles

Ovestin is a hormonal drug. Consider the indications for its use, dosage, possible side effects and other features of the instruction.