Treatment of gout

Medications for gout

If the doctor correctly identified the causes of the disease, then pick up medicines for gout will be much easier. Considering all aspects, an integrated and competently based treatment regimen will be developed.

Ointments for gout

In the International Classification of Medicines (ATC) among drugs against gout (code M04A), external agents for the treatment of this disease do not appear, and any ointment from gout refers to drugs for external use with joint and muscle pain (ATC code - M02A).

Alternative treatment for gout

Medical experts warn that it is unlikely to completely get rid of gout. Therefore, often patients try various medical prescriptions, including those that are represented by alternative medicine.

Aspirin for gout

Acetylsalicylic acid or Aspirin - is used in the treatment of mild to moderate pain.

Review of methods for treating gout

Why does gout treatment remain an urgent problem in modern clinical medicine? Because the pathogenesis of this disease is metabolic, and physicians mark its spread and "rejuvenation".

Tomatoes for gout: is it possible or not?

Being a full member of the Solanaceae family, tomatoes are among the popular vegetable products around which controversy does not subside.

Cherry for gout

The benefits of cherries for gout consist in the pectin substances contained in it (11%).

Compresses for gout

To date, there are many effective compresses, many of which are recommended by leading experts in the field of medicine.

Diet 6 for gout

The appearance and further progression of gout contributes to some errors in nutrition. For example, it is a regular intake of alcohol, fatty meat, as well as regular consumption of too much food.

Treatment of gout with exacerbation

Gout is a disease that affects the joints on the human body. Most often, the lower limbs, in particular the big toes, give way to negative influences.