Leg cramps at night: what to do, how to treat?

Despite the high prevalence of nocturnal calf cramps, it is not entirely clear why some people have cramps and others do not.

Leg cramps at night in women, men and children

Leg cramps at night can appear in people of different ages, different constitutions and with different complaints. Most often, seizures are of a short-term nature, and they disappear after the restoration of normal blood circulation.

Why leg muscles cramp and what to do?

Many people are familiar with the condition when an involuntary contraction of the leg muscles occurs, which makes it impossible to change its position, take a step, and also causes severe acute pain. A popular method is also known to get oneself out of this situation - to prick with a pin.

Why did your feet show brown spots?

In fact, few people think about the fact that such small manifestations on the skin can serve as a signal that indicates to us the need to pay attention to your body.

Brown spots on the legs of men, women and children

On the legs often reflect different states, according to which you can draw conclusions about the health of the body. Normally, the skin on the legs should be light and velvety. If there are any pathologies in the body, there can be various changes. 

Red and pink flaky, flaky spots on the legs: causes, treatment

Skin - the first line of defense of the body from unfavorable external stimuli, it also reflects internal troubles.

Numbness of toes: reasons, treatment

It happens that after a long time in an uncomfortable pose with bent legs, a person begins to feel discomfort in the limb and numbness of the toes, and sometimes the legs as a whole, comes. This is due to clamping of the vessels of the leg.

Numbness of legs

Numbness of the legs - a sense of discomfort, which arises from a violation of sensitivity. Often this sensation is accompanied by burning, tingling, running chills and also a chilling sensation in the limbs. This symptom appears in the case of a problem with the passage of nerve impulses into the brain, a violation of the patency of the vessels of the lower limbs.

Numbness of the right leg

Long-term presence of a person in one pose sometimes causes such an unpleasant sensation as numbness of the limb. Remember at least what happens when you sit for a long time in the position of "foot on foot" without changing your legs or bending one leg under you.

Numbness and tingling of the left leg

Probably everyone is familiar with the sensation of numbness of any part of the body. Certain areas of the skin seem to contract, there is an unpleasant tingling, a temporary loss of sensitivity, a feeling of "running goosebumps," a slight itch and heaviness.