Genitourinary organs

Discharge with smell and itching in women

In the anatomy of the female genital organs, everything is arranged in such a way that the secretory glands secrete mucus, which maintains a healthy microflora and ensures their purity. Vaginal discharge is a normal process, as long as it is clear and without a pronounced unpleasant odor.

Yellow discharge and itching in women

The vaginal discharge is white in color and has a neutral odor. In the normal state, its acidic environment protects against the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria present in small quantities in its microflora, and prevents their penetration into the deep layers of the walls.

Itching in the intimate area in women

If itching in the intimate area of women - in the vulva and perineal area (in the perineum) - lasts more than a few days and becomes more severe, or accompanying symptoms appear, such as redness or discharge, you should consult a doctor.

Why does itching appear before menstruation and what to do?

Perhaps most women can complain of varying degrees of discomfort before the start of a new monthly cycle. In some, it is manifested by increased irritability and fatigue, in others - abdominal pain and intestinal disorders.

Unpleasant-smelling discharge from women: what does this mean, causes

Vaginal discharge occurs as a result of the work of the glandular system located inside the vagina. Their nature may change periodically - for example, under the influence of changes in nutrition or climatic conditions, with the onset of sexual activity or with the development of diseases.

What to do and how to treat, if the discharge smell?

To clarify the diagnosis, many doctors advise to conduct an ultrasound of the pelvic organs, which makes it possible to exclude the presence of tumor processes.

Symptoms and types of acute cystitis

Inflammation of the bladder is one of the most common diseases of the urinary system. The main feature of the pathology is its painful and acute symptoms

Burning and itching in the urethra after urination

Among the symptoms, the manifestation of which is located in the area of the genito-urinary organs and anogenital zone, burning after urination is noted much more often than other unpleasant sensations and, naturally, causes anxiety. 

Itching, burning and redness in the intimate area of men

Itching on the body is not a dangerous, but very unpleasant and annoying symptom, which most people have faced more than once. Itching always causes an obsessive desire to ease your suffering by scratching the itchy place.

Curd and other symptoms: odor, itching

The vaginal secret is normally transparent, sometimes slightly whitish or yellowish, its consistency varies from watery to mucous. The amount of it varies slightly depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle.


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