Treatment than to relieve itchy eyelids?

The general treatment regimen usually includes systematic washing of the conjunctival cavity with special medicinal fluids, instillation of medications, the use of ointment preparations, less often the performance of injectable subconjunctival injections.

Itchy eyelids and other symptoms: swelling, redness, peeling

For example, this sometimes happens when an infection gets into the eye, with systemic allergic and viral diseases, with dry eye syndrome, and also against other pathological conditions.

White and dark before the eyes: what does this mean?

The emergence of such a visual defect, first of all, makes you think about violations in the optical system. In most cases it is, however, not always.

Photophobia of the eye

In blinding light, we shut our eyes, and their pupils involuntarily taper: this is how the reflex works, which protects the photosensitive receptors of the retina from "photon overexcitation".

Symptoms of vision impairment in children, adults, in pregnancy

Today, an increasing number of people turn to ophthalmologists with complaints about impaired vision. This problem with every day is more acute and does not lose its relevance.

Causes of blurred vision

Vision worsens not only in elderly and mature people, but also in children. There is a tendency to rejuvenate this problem. Increasingly, this problem appears as a complication of other diseases, medical and surgical procedures.

Why is double in the eyes and what to do?

In obtaining a three-dimensional image of the surrounding objects, both eyes participate simultaneously. Simultaneously with each of them, the central part of the visual analyzer of the brain receives a signal, which, superimposed on each other, merge into a single stereoscopic image.

Why are the eyes red, watery, itchy and sore?

Turning to ophthalmologists, many patients complain that they have red and teardrop eyes or red eyelids and watery eyes.

Isolation in the corners of the eyes of a child and an adult: reasons rather than cure

The slight discharge from the eyes that we can see in the morning after waking up is natural and should not be cause for concern. In this way, our eyes get rid of the dust particles that accumulate during the day.

Pain in the eyes and other signs: tearing, redness, swelling, itching, sore throat, runny nose

Vision is one of the main five senses that we use most often, its organs are sensitive and open to all external exposures, are characterized by a rapid reaction to both exogenous stimuli and health.