Ear congestion treatment

All patients who are faced with the problem of hearing loss are interested in the question: "How much does the ear congestion pass?". The period of restoration of normal hearing depends on the reasons for its violation. If the congestion is caused by inflammatory processes, then the unpleasant symptoms disappear within 10-14 days.

Ear congestion without pain and with pain

Tinnitus or tinnitus is a condition in which the brain fails when it perceives sound waves from the external environment. Often, the sensation of noise is complemented by hearing impairment in one or both organs at the same time.

Causes of ear congestion

Very often, ear congestion develops due to a sharp change in the pressure of the external environment. For example, during the flight or when jumping into the water. For some people, even a quick descent / ascent of the stairs can cause discomfort.

Ear congestion in adults and children

The most common causes of overlap of the auditory canal are inflammatory processes. In this case, the pathogenesis of ear congestion is associated with the action of pathogenic microorganisms: streptococci, staphylococci, pneumococci.

Tinnitus: what is it, the reasons for how to treat it

Most often, this pathology is a concomitant condition and extremely rarely an independent disease. 

Strong, persistent ringing in the ears and other associated symptoms

In medical practice, you often have to deal with a complaint about ringing in your ears. If you refer to medical terms, then this diagnosis will sound like tinnitus. This disease does not exist on its own, it is a sign of a disease.

Causes of ringing in the ears

Quite often people have ringing in their ears. This pathology can proceed painlessly, but it entails psychological discomfort, stress, makes people nervous. In medicine, this phenomenon is defined as tinnitus.

Feeling of noise and stuffiness in the ear without pain: what to treat?

Sometimes you hear a ringing in your ear, and your own voice seems strange. Particular discomfort occurs when both ear are involved in the pathological process. From what it can happen?

Hearing loss: treatment, prevention and prognosis

Treatment of hearing loss is mainly carried out by a medicamentous method, depending on the causes that caused the disorder.

Lump behind ear

Lump behind ear is a round, more often - a painless formation, which occurs due to increase in cervical lymph nodes.