Chrohes with bronchitis: wet, dry, residual

Bronchi in the human body play the role of an airway. These are the ways in which air enters the so-called respiratory departments, warms, moistens and clears.

Itching of the nipples

Do you know alternative signs about itching of the nipples? Itching of the right nipple - to a meeting with the beloved, the itch of the left nipple says that the beloved misses.

Severe cough with phlegm

When there is a strong cough with sputum, the first thing to keep in mind: the cough itself, and the significant, unintended by the norm, the volume of excretions in it are the body's response to the presence of a foci of infection or irritation of the mucosa in the airways.

Hiccup after eating

Most often there is hiccup after eating. In this article, let's try to understand this problem and find ways to stop it.

Sputum green when coughing

Green sputum when coughing speaks of an inflammatory process in the bronchi, trachea or lungs with the formation of mucopurulent or purulent exudate.

Cough in a child with a fever

Coughing in a child with a temperature - that is, a combination of such a sign of inflammation as an elevated body temperature, with a protective response of the respiratory system in the form of a cough - is a typical phenomenon in various infections of the ENT organs and respiratory tract.

Blood in sputum when coughing

Blood in sputum when coughing - this is the impetus to a mandatory visit to the profile specialist. Ignoring this signal, you can bring your health to more destructive, sometimes irreversible consequences.

Cough in an infant

Serious reasons to consult a doctor include a cough in an infant who may indicate the development of many unpleasant illnesses.

Increased heart rate

Elevated heart rate or tachycardia is a pathological process that indicates a restless physiological condition. Let's consider when there is an increased palpitation, find its causes and methods of treatment.