Treatment of prostatitis

Creams for prostatitis

Creams for prostatitis are recommended for use in the home, as a supplement to the main treatment, as well as for prevention.

Tablets from prostatitis

What is prostatitis, unfortunately, many men know - inflammatory disease of the prostate often occurs after 40 years, and some even earlier.

Suppositories with propolis for prostatitis

Suppositories with propolis from prostatitis is a medicinal product based on natural components, which has a positive effect on the urological disease of prostatitis.

Suppositories from prostatitis with propolis

The drug is valued for its natural composition, thanks to which there is an improvement in potency and there is no negative effect on the body.

Suppositories from prostatitis

Before proceeding with the treatment of prostatitis, you need to know what this disease is. Prostatitis is an inflammatory lesion of the prostate gland.

Treatment of prostatitis

When a patient enters a medical facility, the doctor conducts a patient examination for the causes of the prostatitis.

Laser therapy in the treatment of chronic prostatitis

The first successes of laser therapy for chronic prostatitis were associated with LRT, which is able to penetrate sufficiently into the prostate tissue. However, some authors noted earlier that the use of low-intensity laser therapy in the complex treatment of chronic prostatitis makes it possible to achieve rather high treatment efficacy and shorten the treatment period.

Treatment of chronic prostatitis: magnetotherapy

Magnetotherapy - a therapeutic method based on the use of permanent (PMP) or variable (PMP) low-frequency magnetic fields (MP). In the opinion of Yu.M. Raygorodsky and co-authors. (2000), this method has a number of advantages over other methods of physiotherapy.

Treatment of chronic prostatitis: microwave microwave therapy

By a method of electrotherapy of patients on a chronic prostatitis doctors more often choose more effective and safe microwave therapy in centimeter mode. The domestic apparatus "Luch-2" is equipped with a ceramic contact rectal radiator with a special removable cover.

Ultrahigh-frequency therapy in the treatment of chronic prostatitis

Ultrahigh-frequency (microwave) effects cover the ranges 300-3000 MHz and are the main acting factors of microwave therapy. A feature of the electromagnetic field of this range is the ability to localize it in certain areas of the patient's body through the use of special irradiation devices.