Examination of the body

Percussion and palpation of the spleen

There are many methods of percussion of the spleen, which is explained by the difficulties in choosing the optimal anatomical-topographical landmarks.

Duodenal sounding of the gallbladder

Until recently, it was very common to study the biliary tract with duodenal probing, which is the introduction of a probe into the duodenum to obtain its contents.

Quantitative electroencephalography

Quantitative (digital, computer, paperless) electroencephalography arose in connection with the rapid development of electronic computing as a further development of the EEG method.

Registration of evoked potentials of the brain

Registration of evoked potentials is one of the areas of quantitative electroencephalography.

Constant potentials of the brain

Registration of the level of the permanent potential of the brain is a special section of brain electrophysiology.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation of the brain

The method of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TKMS) is based on the stimulation of the nerve tissue using an alternating magnetic field.

Needle electromyography

Needle electromyography is an invasive method of investigation, carried out with the help of a concentric needle electrode introduced into the muscle.

Probing of the uterus cavity

Probing the uterine cavity is an operation to determine the direction of the uterine cavity, its length and the state of the relief of the walls. Probing of the uterus is made by a uterine probe made of soft metal, 25 cm in length, 3 mm in diameter.

Spirometry of the lungs: what is this procedure, how is it conducted

Evaluation of the function of external respiration is an integral component of a comprehensive clinical examination of a patient with pulmonary diseases.

Effect of alcohol on blood and urine tests

Each of us has to take tests. They surrender for different purposes: someone needs to be prevented, someone - for regular medical examination, for the preparation of certificates and medical books.
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