Examination of the body

ECG with physical activity: how to do, normal parameters, interpretation

In the study of the electrical activity of muscle heart cells - ECG with exercise - the ability of the myocardium to respond to exercise in a controlled clinical environment is assessed.

Check color perception and color perception: how to pass

Man - one of the few living beings, who was lucky enough to see the world in all the diversity of its colors. But, alas, not everyone sees the surrounding objects the same way. There is a small percentage of people, mostly men, whose perception of colors is somewhat different from the majority.

Polychrome tables of Rabkin for the study of color perception with pictures

Rubkin's tables are designed to study color vision and diagnose various forms and degrees of color pathology.

Long-term monitoring of blood pressure: apparatus, results

The procedure for non-invasive measurement of blood pressure, lasting a day or more, abbreviated as SMAD. Daily monitoring of blood pressure is considered the most reliable way to determine the true values of blood pressure, which is simply impossible to do in a couple of minutes.


The diagnostic method, called electrochlearography, measures electrical potentials reproduced by the inner ear during the passage of sound waves. This procedure is relevant in determining the excess fluid in the cavity of the inner ear.

Fluid cytology of the cervix

Liquid cytology of the cervix is an innovative method of cytological research, the "gold standard" for diagnosing neoplasia of the canal mucosa and the vaginal part of the uterine neck, which is used when the patient is suspected of having cancer or dysplasia.

Cytology of the cervix

Cytology of the cervix is a laboratory study that determines the cellular structure of the cervix uteri (cervix uteri), as well as the cells of the cervical canal.

Diagnosis of cervical dysplasia

The gold standard for diagnosing cervical dysplasia (CIN) is the PAP test. An analysis named after the doctor who first applied it.

Biopsy and histology of the cervix in dysplasia

Biopsy - this word frightens many women, although the procedure itself is not a danger. Only its result can alarm, which is not always bad.

Palpation of the breast

The palpation starts from the upper inner quadrant, gradually shifting to the outer upper quadrant, then grabbing the lower quadrants and the paranasal region.
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