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Structure, life cycle, symptoms of diseases caused by mycoplasma pneumonia

A dangerous inflammatory disease of the lungs caused by a pathogenic agent is mycoplasma pneumonia. Let's consider the peculiarities of the disease and the methods of its treatment.

How to look and how to treat flea bites on a person's skin?

It is known that insects can cause allergies, skin itch, dermatitis. But the biggest danger is that fleas act as carriers of many dangerous infectious diseases.

Mycoplasma genitalia in men and women

All of them are pathogens of urogenital mycoplasmosis, their pathogenicity for humans in the light of modern research leaves no doubt, although infection does not necessarily lead to the development of the disease - these microorganisms are often found in practically healthy people.

Eggs of pinworms in feces in children: symptoms, treatment, how to get rid

A common parasitic disease among adults and children is enterobiosis. Consider the causes of the disease, its pathogen, the route of infection and the methods of treatment.

HPV 45 type: what is it and how dangerous?

After living a large part of life, to the age of 50 people usually get a decent baggage of various diseases. Some of them are the result of irrational nutrition, wrong lifestyle, bad habits, etc.

Dysentery amoeba: characteristics, signs, diagnosis and prevention

Like other amoebas, they have adapted to a parasitic existence within a person in the colon, but under certain conditions can cause a serious disease - amoebiasis.

Hepatic fluke: structure, pathways of infection, stages of development, prevention

A dangerous parasite that affects the liver and causes fascioliasis is the hepatic trematode. Consider its life cycle, ways of infection and methods of destruction.

Noroviruses in humans: genotypes, tests, complications

Virologists introduced its short designation - NOV and recognized as highly contagious, causing outbreaks of acute viral gastroenteritis.

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