Cystitis headache

Almost all, without exception, patients suffering from diseases of the kidneys and urogenital system, faced with such a phenomenon as pain in cystitis. This disease, which is extremely rare asymptomatic and painless.

Types of radiative pain in the ear

If pain gives in the ear - do not ignore this condition. It may not be as harmless as it seems at first glance. Usually this is not just an independent manifestation, but a symptom of a dangerous disease.

Irrassing pain in the ear

This symptom deserves close attention. Its danger is that it does not always indicate an ear disease, and can often be a symptom of a complex pathology.

Pain in the ear when swallowing: causes, treatment

If pain in swallowing gives into the ear, then it is logical to turn to the otolaryngologist, since most often this symptom appears in the inflammatory processes affecting the middle ear.

Why does the headache and press on the eyes and what to do?

Different symptoms indicate certain diseases, so you need to pay attention that you are worried at the same time. If the head hurts and presses on the eyes, then these phenomena are related.

Pain in the ears with colds

The causes of pain in the ears with colds are often associated with a decrease in the body's defenses.

Headache in the child as a symptom of the disease

Many adults do not even admit that the child can have a headache, taking his vagaries for manipulation.

Causes of ear pain

The causes of pain in the ear area are usually determined on examination with an otolaryngologist. It is possible to use various diagnostic methods, such as CT or MRI, as well as blood tests and excretions from the auditory canal. In some cases, the patient is diagnosed and treated in a hospital.

Pain under the jaw

Pain under the jaw can occur as a result of mechanical influence or acquired disease. The danger of pain under the jaw is a whole list of possible consequences that are responsible not only for the integrity of the jaw itself, but also for the hard palate, nasal cavity and even the eyes.

Pulsating pain in the back of the head

Pulsating pain in the nape may be a sign of fatigue and fatigue, and the first symptom of serious diseases. In such cases, you should not limit yourself to taking pain medications only - you need medical help.