Back, sides

Pain in the right side when moving

As a pain syndrome of any localization - pain in the right side during movement, that is, that occurs during walking, running, and even when the body position changes in space (when turning or tilting the body) - it has specific reasons.

Aching pain in the back: in the right, left side, below, under the shoulder blades

Soreness in the neck, chest or lower back is most often caused by osteochondrosis. In second place are injuries or other diseases affecting the spine, muscular system, and internal organs.

Pain in the right side during pregnancy: sharp, aching, pulling, stitching, under the ribs, when walking

The reasons for this pain can be many, so it is worth taking seriously any painful sensations during pregnancy, because it's about two lives. To be absolutely sure that nothing mom and child is not threatened, you need to consult a doctor.

Back pain in early pregnancy

Pain in the lower back in the early stages of pregnancy, depending on the severity of the symptoms, can be both a completely natural phenomenon associated with sprain, and a rather alarming sign that signals any malfunctions in the body.

Pain in the lumbar region

Pain in the lower back is familiar to every person, few of those who have not encountered it. Sometimes it is enough to spend a long time in the sitting position to have a pain in the lower back.

Pain in the muscles of the scapula

Painful sensations in the muscles, myalgia, as a symptomatic phenomenon is not well understood, especially pain in the muscles of the scapula. Until now, the muscle pain symptom is referred to either vertebrogenic diseases or neurologic, that is, it is associated with radiculopathy, spondylarthrosis, osteochondrosis and so on.

Pain in the lumbar muscles

WHO statistics show that pain in the lumbar muscles at different periods of life, in varying degrees of intensity, is experienced by 90% of people, that is, practically every one of us.

Pain in the kidney area

Pain in the kidney area is one of the symptoms of the development of the disease in the body, and it is not easy to determine the exact diagnosis immediately, since pain in the kidney area occurs with a variety of diseases.

Pain in the side when running

Most often, pain in the side when running appears in beginners, in people who are just starting to run and can not choose the right load regime.

Pain under the right rib

Pain under the right rib is a reliable sign of diseases of nearby organs, namely: diaphragm, liver, gall bladder, pancreas head, intestine loops, right kidney.